Bambola del sesso come usarlo

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Condizione: Nuovo prodotto. Love Doll Torso corpo maschile, 3D realistica bambola giocattolo del sesso con grande Dildo realistico per le donne nero.

Maggiori dettagli. Attenzione: Ultimi articoli in magazzino! Disponibile dal:. By buying this product you can collect up to 15 loyalty points. La quantità minima ordinabile per questo prodotto è 1.

Aggiungi al carrello. Add to wishlist. Realizzato in TPE di alta qualità: sicuro, delicato per la pelle e inodore. Frontale corpo maschile da bambola di vita simile ad un uomo con stretto Tunnel anale.

Dildo pieghevole: 8 pollici. Base piatta: facile da controllare e utilizzare. Pelle e muscoli realistici per il maschio, di forma e sensazioni realistiche. Foro passante sul retro progettato per una facile pulizia del tunnel anale. Spedizione discreta. Colore nero Worldsexdoll è un'impresa professionale nello sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione di prodotti per adulti. Ci concentriamo sul fornire giocattoli sessuali di alta qualità e bambole d'amore ai consumatori di tutto il mondo.

Milioni di persone hanno acquistato i nostri prodotti, sono molto soddisfatti della qualità del prodotto e del servizio clienti. La bambola Love Doll di Worldsexdoll è realizzata in Bambola del sesso come usarlo di alta qualità, corpo maschile realistico in forma e sentimento.

Ha un pene comodo e flessibile di 8 pollici, ultra-lungo per stimolare il punto G femminile. Leggero più piccolo della vita, comodo da maneggiare. È forte come un giovane uomo, ha una morbidezza e una durezza strategica in tutti i posti giusti, provando una sensazione eccitante per te.

Se sei single o il tuo ragazzo non è nei paraggi, sarà il tuo "stretto fidanzato". Avviso: 1 Meglio usarlo con lubrificante. Attenzione: La bambola dell'amore potrebbe avere un po 'di polvere per bambini su di esso quando viene ricevuta in quanto viene applicata per tenerla asciutta dall'umidità.

Basta sciacquare con acqua e asciugare delicatamente. Feels like a human and looks real life like except no Feels like a human and looks real life like except no head or legs or arms. I will frame it and hang it on the wall when we have partieswill make a great conversation piece. I will call it the Dicktator! A little smaller but expected. Great if you use it right. Absolutely recommend for the price!! The wife and I ordered this to spice things up. We had a great time. Highly Recommend!!

Nicely packed and discrete. Nice member great for dvp or regular dp. Wife enjoys dvp and tvp so it's a must if your in bambola del sesso come usarlo same boat. It's very attractive and I love it, best choice in a sex toy to play with you're partner. I love chiseled chad. I recently moved out of state and no longer have a partner, chad fills that need wonderfully!

Finally found a keeper, after buying 4 different types of toys to ride I found the right one! First let me start by reminding you to be patient. When you open the package it will smell like strong rubber, next the manufacture used a thick pink paint on the nipples, navel and tip of the dick.

Not sure if this is safe but does come off when you touch it or wipe, I don't want that stuff inside of me. I made sure to give him a good wash and use a condom. Cock was a lot bigger than I thought. Best part is that it stays hard and bendable so it fits right. I give the performance of the product a 10! But becarefull since the paint comes off when you open the box, I hope no one uses it right out bambola del sesso come usarlo the box and gets the removal pink stuff inside of them.

Torso smaller than real life but wife loves this. Shipping was fast and reliable. Was early by bambola del sesso come usarlo days! No smell to complain about and was exactly what the picture showed. Now the good stuff. Unpacking meant cleaning Big Tex his new bambola del sesso come usarlo down of the silicone oil used I guess so the plastic packaging doesn't stick to the torso.

Once cleaned,I lubed his manhood very wet and sloppy and then I mounted Big Tex gently and slowly worked his manly meat package up to where I needed to take a breath. Bambola del sesso come usarlo the fill! Bambola del sesso come usarlo shaft is an impressive 8" long and quite thick, much bigger than I'm used to with my husband I got used to it fast.

It is a joy to ride and glad I bought it. Thank you once again! Remove "for women" from the title, because I'm a man an. I can't stop fucking this, and riding it. I've even put a tank top on it and slept next to it with my hand on his abs cause this is very well made. I wish they would add a muscular back and butt to it. And it'd be cool if it could be soft, and then get hard and shoot cum after so many minutes, with added stiffness pulses as its ejaculating. This is another step towards sex robots!

This thing is so fucking amazing. Okay, that's all the feedback I have. Bought this you for my GF. She absolutely loved bambola del sesso come usarlo. Flash bambola del sesso come usarlo like two weeks and GF and I are fooling around.

I say I want to fuck her, she admits to me that this toy has made her not want bambola del sesso come usarlo smaller equipment anymore, but she tries to convince me to try sucking on the toys cock because she says she'll find it hot.

Eventually i give in and suck it. She laughs at me saying she can't believe i actually did it. She laughs and says im not a man, that I'm more like a girl since i can't please her and sucked cock like "a little bambola del sesso come usarlo. She then bambola del sesso come usarlo on to fuck the toy in front of me while telling me i should wear a bra and panties like the girl i am. Two days later i walk in on her getting railed by an actual big black guy with a huge cock.

She bambola del sesso come usarlo up with me later that day, but leaves me with a "present". Seriously, if you are small or not very masculine like me, be careful getting this for your GF. It works amazing, but it might also make her realize your shortcomings.

It needs to be 5 inches wider and 12 inches longer so it will be hard to get in. I like feeling it in my guts. Best thihg ever!! My wife loves the ride and we take him to bed all time now and have a 3 some bambola del sesso come usarlo out the ego!

She get all the love she can handle and then some more.! Great enhancement for a couple's sex lives. The dildo part is really thought out well.

It has a very good curve and I believe that this is absolutely the key for giving a woman Gspot orgasms. The wife came on this thing within 2 minutes and did so more than bambola del sesso come usarlo. The ability for the dildo to be clicked into position really helps toogiving it a wide variety of angles to enter with. Worth every penny. It is pretty good and fills you up.

However it swets in the box and you need to make sure you clean it really well each time you use it. Sometimes it rubs me the wrong way and I get dry but I always have an orgasim.

The bambola del sesso come usarlo I like about this doll is that you can ride it however you want and for however long you need and the inch penis always stays hard so when your ready to cum the penis stays hard which gives me a harder more intensive orgasim.