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La mestruazione è il ricambio della membrana interna dell'utero. La maggior parte delle femmine di alcune specie animali, inclusi gli umani, subiscono il processo. Le femmine umane lo subiscono circa una volta al mese dalla pubertà alla menopausatranne quando sono incinte o stanno allattando. Se si sono fatte le superiori prima della rivoluzione sessuale negli anni '60 e '70, probabilmente si saranno sentiti una serie di miti.

Uno studio di McClintock ha inizialmente suggerito l'idea che donne che vivono assieme sincronizzano le loro mestruazioni. Throughout history, most of the world's religions have been male-centric. Guys write it, generally about guy gods, doing guy things like shooting lightning, beating each other up, and generally either running amok or controlling everyone and everything. Women's issues - nay, women themselves - were and are generally ignored or feared, and in the case of the latter, demonized.

Prehistoric man is thought to have viewed menstruating women as true power and magic, direct from whatever sense of "god" these people had.

A woman bleeds, each month, timed with the moonand does not get sick or die. She can also create life, seemingly all by herself. Neolithic people carved and drew goddesses who bled and gave birth.

What a wonder Woman was. In most organized religions, women's menstruation was and is impure, dirty, and best to be avoided. If ever there was evidence that the Abrahamic Holy books were written by men prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled this. As far as the writers of the Torah and the Qur'an are concerned menstruation is a bit When Eve ate the apple, she was cursed by God and forced to bleed once a month.

This blood, then, is the man's reminder not of how stupid he was for simply taking the fruit Eve offered, but how evil and tempting and sinful all women are. The Torah emphasizes this long ago sin, by treating menstruation as something ritually impure and unclean even though it is a natural human process that reasonable people understand is simply part of the reproductive cycle and a sign that the woman is still capable of bearing children.

Prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled Eve's sin prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled. A man cannot have sex with a menstruating woman without making him unclean; in fact, simply touching one will make a ritually clean man, unclean. Even sitting where a menstruating women has sat can make him unclean [9]. And when you are ritually unclean, you cannot approach Godin mind or person. So strong is the prohibition against touching a menstruating woman, that Orthodox Jewish men try to avoid touching any adult woman, though in crowded places that may become impossible.

As far as RationalWiki knows, nobody goes so far as to refuse to sit on public seats just in case a menstruating woman sat on them before. Menstruation is sinful ; after menstruation a woman must sacrifice two turtle doves or pigeons to God to make amends for her sin, a sacrifice that is clearly a sin offering.

Women with normal reproductive systems inevitably menstruate or become pregnant so a woman cannot avoid that and it is hard to see how she is guilty. Still, the Bronze Age herders and Iron Age farmers who wrote the Old Testament had no sophisticated ideas of moral accountability and ensuring that whatever people do, they cannot avoid being at fault over something is a good way of breaking self-confidence and controlling them.

The Qur'an takes a very similar line. At least it is considered a sickness and not a sin. It is worth noting that Sura 2, unlike the Torah, reminds men that it is a painful time for women, and they should be left alone and a man should prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled seek sexual favors at that time. Of course, they are still unclean, in pain or not.

Christian fundamentalists who say they take every word of the Prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled literally find following all that about menstruation far too inconvenient so they just ignore it or assume it doesn't apply to them. Oh what a curse being healthy with The Curse can be. Traditionally, women who are on their periods may not do any "upside down" position during yoga sessions.

Some yogis insist that women not risk such positions well, they never say what you might risk - but it's a law, and you are to follow it! Those yogis are prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled often male, of course, and the rules go back to times when women and men were often isolated in yoga practice.

Today, any given website that focuses prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled yoga will address this issue; some say "do what you want', some stay traditional. On the other hand, the very last thing most menstruating women want to do is wear a big yellow flag that says "on the rag" to the other participants by saying "Oh gosh, a hand stand, I think I'll sit this out.

Downward dog, too? Oh, I need water". Le mestruazioni sono una parte naturale della salutare vita di una donna. Non è sporca. Non è prone a perdere i capelli. Da completare: come scusa? Being upside down in "downward facing prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled does not harm her, or help her any more than being right side up in "moon salute" does.

Non ci sono motivi medici per cui il sesso durante le mestruazioni debba essere evitato. Vai a: navigazionericerca. Journal of Sex Research 50 3—4 : — Human Reproduction 14 3 : — Psychoneuroendocrinology 17 6 : — Psychoneuroendocrinology 25 8 : — Journal of Comparative Psychology 1 : 3— Nine months is a long time to associate one act with its outcome. The other side to the argument is that while for us it's nine months, for rabbits, horses, and dogs, it's far sooner.

The one accepted fact is that by the time we started prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled basics of agrarian societies BCE give prima del sesso mestruazioni e Bled take the role of male and female were well understood.

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