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Protect your clients sesso per dengue Volgograd employees, reduce your risk of liability and generate revenue. The mosquito-transmitted disease chikungunya has made quite a few headlines recently:. Chikungunya is a painful but largely non-lethal disease that causes severe joint pain and fever. The disease is often mistaken for dengue fever, which mirrors both its symptoms and geographic distribution. Like dengue, chikungunya is spread by the Aedes family of mosquito.

The disease is rarely lethal except in vulnerable populations such as the elderly, young, and immunocompromised. For someone bitten by an infected mosquito, symptoms sesso per dengue Volgograd start within days.

Older patients can also be misdiagnosed as sesso per dengue Volgograd arthritis due to joint pain being the most prominent symptom. Most patients will feel better within a week of symptoms starting. While most people recover fully from the virus, some do have lasting joint sesso per dengue Volgograd for months or even years after infection. Chikungunya originated in East Africa and has spread throughout the continent and to South and Southeast Asia.

In the past year, the virus has spread rapidly throughout the Caribbean and into Latin America. Isolated cases of the virus have also been sesso per dengue Volgograd in Europe and North America after travelers returned from endemic areas. In recent months, there has been an uptick in cases in southern states, including Florida. As of Februarythere were at least 1.

While progress is being made, there is currently no vaccine or cure for chikungunya. Treatments for the disease focus on decreasing symptoms with fluids and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce fever and pain. The best way to prevent infection? Avoid mosquito bites altogether, sincemosquitoes are the primary means of transmission. Toggle navigation Menu. Login Enroll. Travel Services Health Services. Partners Travel Operators and Associations.

Become a Partner Partner Login. The mosquito-transmitted disease chikungunya has made quite a few headlines recently: --A woman in the U. What is chikungunya and can it be prevented? To help avoid mosquito bites: --Make sure that any open doors or windows have fully intact screens. Read More. Is Solo Adventure Travel Safe? Considering traveling alone? This site uses cookies.

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