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This banner text Woman con Tetkino have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language Additional Collections. Books are Woman con Tetkino t Vbe taken from the Library. Printed: by I. Libermann, sheets i n and 19 36 and by P. The organization of the Russian section at the Exposition was conferred, under the chief authority of His Excellency, the Minister of Finances, to the Department of Trade and Manufactures, to Woman con Tetkino a special Commission was incorporated.

And special Committees were created at the participating Minis- tries to settle the arrangement of their respective sections. It was the High Wish of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, that the Russian exhibitors should profit of all aid and assistance to participate at the Exhibition.

According to this Graceful Order it is the Crown that was to answer all the expenses of transport of the exhibits from St. Petersburg Ill 9 to Chicago and return, their insurance on the way, installa- tion in the buildings ajjd management during the Exposition; and it were Government officials that were induced to take care of this transport,:?

The degree of the participation of Russia in the various Departments of the Exposition is to be seen from a list of the exhibitors disposed by the groups of the classification, inclu- ded at the end of this Catalogue. The Departments, groups and classes, to which the articles sent correspond, are Woman con Tetkino designed previously the name of each exhibitor.

The numbers given to the exhibitors agree with, the installation of their exhibits, which does not always follow the classification. Short notes are inserted for most of the exhibitors, containing data about the time of establishment of their industries, its pro- gress and value per annum, the number of hands employed, machines and appliances used, and also the markets, on which their fabrics depend. And as concerning the institutions of non- industrial character, short notions are given about the time they were founded and their progress.

In case of the name of an exhibitor being repeated, the number and page are designed, where the above mentioned notes are to be found. Woman con Tetkino alpha- betical index of the exhibitors follows the above. It has been decided, according to the international charac- ter of the Exposition, to keep in this Catalogue to Russian money and measures. Comparative scales of the Russian and foreign units, both of Woman con Tetkino and measures, follow.

His Excellency V. Petersburg, Actual Coun- cillor of State. The Ministry of War: H. Verkhovtsov, Privy Councillor. The Ministry of Public Woman con Tetkino H. Petersburg, Actual Councillor of State. Pletniev, Councillor of State. The Ministry of Marine: J D. Mertvaho, Post-Captain. Volkonsky, Gentleman of the Emperor's bed chamber, Councillor of Court. Petersburg, Assessor of College. The Ministry of Ways of Communications: V. Lodijensky, Secretary, Councillor of Court.

M-me B. Vyshnegradsky, President, wife of Actual Privy Councillor. M-me A. Naryshkin, wife of Great Chamberlain. M-me E. Kochubey, widow of Privy Councillor. M-me M. Durnovo, Woman con Tetkino of General of Infantery. Princess M.

Miss M. Timiriazev, Secretary, Actual Councillor of State. Semechkin, Chief of the Alexander Gymnasium for girls in. Aderkass, Councillor of Court. Of the Ministry Woman con Tetkino Finances: H. Konovalov, Professor at the Imperial University in St.

Petersburg, Councillor of State. Zelenkov, Councillor of Court. Rebinder, Secretary of College. Of the Ministry of War: J. Gerd, Councillor of State. Andreiev, Councillor of Court. Guedeonov, Captain.

Of the Ministry of Interior: W. Bernhardt, Civil Engineer. Of the Ministry of Public Domains: A. Pletnev, Councillor of State. Zhigalkovsky, Councillor of Court.

Count J. Stenbok-Fermor, Councillor of Court. Lebedkin, Assessor of College. Rostovtsev, Secretary of College. Konshin, Secretary of College. Sleskin, Assistent Professor at the above mentioned Academy. Grebnitskv, Assistent at the Forestry Institute. Micherlikh, Chief Manager of the agricultural machines, tools and implements storehouse ,Rabotnik" workman - N. Borodin, of the Ural Cossacks Troups.

Of the Imperial Appanages: B. Fedorov, Councillor of Court. Baron G. Pillar von Pillhau, Honorary Councillor. Of the Chief Administration of the Crown studs and horse- breeding: Th. Izmailov, Captain of Cavalry of the Imperial Guard. Of the Ministry of Marine: D. Ogloblinsky, Lieutenant. Kolbassiev, Lieutenant.

Volkonsky, Gentlemen of the Emperor's bed- chamber, Councillor of Court. Kovalevsky, Secretary of College. Of the Ministry of Ways of Communications: H. Florin, Councillor of Court. Honorary Councillor. Of Woman con Tetkino State Paper Manufactory: Woman con Tetkino. Skamoni, Head Master at the photographic and litho- graphic Works. Gogenfelden, Head Master. Nedykhliaiev, Secretary of the Committee.

Russian, American, English, French and German units. Trie prices in the Catalogue are given not in metallic value, Woman con Tetkino in bank notes actually Woman con Tetkino use. As their price Woman con Tetkino from the ones mentioned above, and actually keeps to about R. Russian, American, English and French lineal measures. Square measures. Capacity measures. The expression n-ature met in this Catalogue by some grain exhibits means the Woman con Tetkino of grain per chetvert.

The strenght of the spirits in Russia is determinated by Tralless' Hydrometer. The excise actually imposed is 10 co- pecks per degree, i. The excise on manufactured tobacco, cigars and ciga- rettes varies accordingly to their sorts.

Agriculture and Woman con Tetkino. Department A.