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Emmerdale is a British soap opera first broadcast on 16 October The following is a list of characters that first appeared or will appear duringby order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the series producer Iain MacLeod until June.

Subsequent characters will be introduced by his successors Kate Brooks and Laura Shaw. Billy Fletcher was introduced in December. Leanna Cavanaghplayed by Mimi Slingermade her first appearance on 6 March She is paired with Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant for a school science project and during their fourth study date, her father takes them to the science museum.

When the car runs out of petrol, Leanna advises Gabby to start running if she wants to be on time for her exam. As a result, Bernice suffers from an allergic reaction, and it is later revealed that Leanna's mother died of an anaphylactic shock.

While putting on Halloween makeup, Leanna kisses Jacob. However, due to Jacob being groomed by her former stepmother Maya Stepney Louisa Cleinhe reacts negatively to the kiss and storms out. He later apologises to Leanna, and the pair reconcile. Leanna and Jacob begin to grow closer after Maya's grooming is exposed and they have sex. However, after it transpires that she has lost her virginity to Jacob, he reacts badly and insults her in front of Liam, Bernice and Gabby.

Leanna is humiliated, so Liam punches Jacob for disrespecting her. Maya Stepneyplayed by Louisa Cleinmade her first appearance on 8 March She was introduced as the wife of Dr Liam Cavanagh. She and Dr. Cavanagh later split up, Donna con Liv Taylor she begins dating David, shortly after his Tracy leaves him.

She becomes close to his son, Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant and begins to groom him, later sleeping with him Donna con Liv Taylor February ; after his 16th birthday. Priya goes out to find her purse but on her way she finds Maya and Jacob kissing.

She later tells Leyla and Tracy. Leyla, Tracy and Priya kidnap Maya, and the following morning it is revealed that they badly injured Maya and left her for dead in the woods. Later, that day they go back to the place where they assumed they left Maya, but they only find bits of her blood-stained clothing. Donna con Liv Taylor, Priya and Tracy later burn all the evidence, as they think that Maya's body might have floated off in the river near the woods. Liv later catches them and confesses to Leyla that she knew about Maya and Jacob, leaving Leyla angry and shocked.

On 20 JuneMaya is sentenced to 12 Donna con Liv Taylor imprisonment for her inappropriate relationship with Jacob. However, she is released on 19 November, and it is revealed that she is pregnant. It was then announced that Donna con Liv Taylor are now no current plans for the character to return permanently.

Misty Allbrightplayed by Hedydd Dylan, made her first appearance on 9 April Misty is a sex therapist, who meets Rodney in Ibiza and returns to the village with him. The fact the writers have named her after my dog has added to the idea that this is my nightmare. Dylan said she enjoyed her Donna con Liv Taylor on the show, and would return to Emmerdale if she was asked. Misty follows her Donna con Liv Taylor boyfriend Rodney Blackstock to Emmerdale.

Nicola confides in Misty about her husband Jimmy King's intimacy problems, and Misty tells her she and Rodney will look after their children for the night. Misty later offers Jimmy her services as a sex therapist and he accepts. Nicola Donna con Liv Taylor that Jimmy was not completely clothed during the session and worries that Misty and Jimmy had sex. Misty explains that Jimmy initially thought that she was going to give him a massage, but she got him to relax and embrace his spirit animal.

Misty offers to arrange Brenda Walker 's Lesley Dunlop hen-do and Brenda agrees, even though they have different tastes. Misty performs a cleansing ritual at the hen-do, and the other women decide to go to The Woolpack. Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt worries that he is cursed, so Misty performs a cleanse at the pub. Dawn Taylor[11] played by Olivia Bromley, made her first appearance on 25 April Dawn tells Ross that she does Donna con Liv Taylor know Simon and asks him to leave, but when Ross pours her cocaine down the sink, Dawn admits she does know Simon and that her friend Lee was supposed to be a witness at his trail, Donna con Liv Taylor he overdosed.

Ross notices a basket of children's toys and Dawn reveals that she has a son, but he was taken into care. Ross gives Dawn a bottle of pills and his phone number. When her pimp Connor Cameron Jack returns, he finds Dawn has taken the pills. She gives him Ross's number and tells him Ross lives in Emmerdale. Ross later meets with a bruised Dawn, who is looking for some drugs.

A couple of weeks later, Dawn returns to the village and admits Donna con Liv Taylor she is working for Connor again. Ross asks her to call Connor and persuade him to come over. Ross punches Connor after Connor Donna con Liv Taylor him to, and Dawn pulls Ross off of him. Dawn later hands over a package containing drugs to Ross for him to sell on Connor's behalf. The following day, Ross asks for Dawn's help in persuading Connor to meet with him. Dawn warns Ross that Connor is dangerous and Ross shows a gun.

After his meeting with Connor, Dawn asks Ross what happened and he reveals he did not use the gun. Dawn later comes to Ross to ask if he has seen Connor, as he is missing. She bonds with Ryan Stocks James Moore and tells him that as she is clean, she has had contact with her son. Ross tells Dawn to forget about Connor, and they have sex.

But when he remarks that Donna con Liv Taylor has not got enough money to pay her, Dawn leaves. She returns to tell Ross that Simon is in the village and is planning on carrying out a raid at Home Farm. Terryplayed by Daniel Caseymade his first appearance on 24 Donna con Liv Taylor Terry throws his pint over Doug and calls him a murderer. He then reveals that he is Gerry's uncle. Doug does not argue with Terry when he says Doug should be in prison for causing his nephew's death.

Doug apologises and offers to help with the funeral costs. Terry returns to help organise Gerry's funeral and gives Doug a letter from his solicitor. The police arrest a Terry Roberts, but Doug and Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen learn that he is not the conman, as his identity was stolen.

Lachlan finds the conman, whose real name is revealed to be Paul Tozer, at another funeral, and follows him in his car, killing him off-screen through unknown means and burying the corpse in the woods. Lachlan later returns home with blood on his shirt. Weeks later, the police find Paul's DNA in the woods.

Lachlan digs up Paul's body and puts it in the boot of his car. Ryan Stocksplayed Donna con Liv Taylor James Moore, made his first appearance on 5 June Of Donna con Liv Taylor casting, the actor commented "I'm so excited to have joined the Emmerdale cast. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and I'm having a great time playing Ryan. I leapt a mile when I got the call and I was over the moon to hear that I had got the part. In a special flashback episode that aired on 29 Mayviewers learned that her son Donna con Liv Taylor actually survived birth.

Ryan has ataxic cerebral palsy and tells Charity that he is not "defined by his disability. After reporting DI Mark Bails Rocky Marshall for sexually abusing her when she was fourteen, Charity Dingle reveals that she conceived and gave birth to a son, who she believes died shortly after birth. However, she soon learns that the baby survived and was adopted by midwife Donna con Liv Taylor Stocks.

Charity and Ryan eventually meet. Charity leaves Ryan a voicemail telling him to get lost, which deeply hurts everybody involved, but, after a period of negotiating with Irene, Charity puts it right, and eventually introduces Ryan to the Dingle family, who welcome him with open arms.

When Ryan meets his biological father, Bails makes it clear that Ryan does not mean anything to him, which leads to Ryan getting arrested and spending a night Donna con Liv Taylor police custody after hitting Bails with a plank of wood.

Upon release, he and Noah resolve their differences and both attend Bails' trial, watching him get sent to prison. Ryan saves Ross's life after he almost dies from a heart attack, while playing football Donna con Liv Taylor his and Charity's son Moses Dingle Arthur Cockroft. She is introduced as a love interest and later wife for Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel.

Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel visits the surgery for a health check, and is immediately attracted to her. Manpreet examines a mole on Lydia Hart 's Karen Blick ankle and believes that it could be melanoma.

Manpreet and her daughter go on a double date with Rishi and Jai, which ends with Manpreet comforting Aiesha when Jai admits that he does not want to date her. He Donna con Liv Taylor tells Manpreet to give his father a chance as he likes her, and she asks Rishi out. Rishi and Manpreet's lunch date goes well until her former boyfriend interrupts. He states that Manpreet's car is his and Donna con Liv Taylor offers to buy her a new one, which makes her realise that he is more invested in their relationship then she is.

Jai tries talking to her about his father's ways. She later tells Rishi that she wants to take things more slowly, after he calls her and sends her flowers. Jai later discovers she has a shopping addiction and tries to dissuade her from carrying on with Rishi. They later get married in Las Vegas, much to the chagrin of Jai. Aiesha Richardsplayed by Shila Iqbal, made her first appearance on 10 July for a guest stint.

She is reintroduced as a regular character in March Aiesha is the daughter of Manpreet Jutla Rebecca Sarker. Jai does not want to go the date Donna con Liv Taylor attempts to leave, until he sees Aiesha.