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SwanQueen AU. Regina is a CEO, and engaged to Robin. One night, she accidentally admits to her friend that not only is she in a passionless relationship with him, but he's never given her an orgasm. She is unwittingly set up with a call girl: Emma Swan. What happens when Regina feels things with her, that she knows she should be feeling with Donna con Raven regina fiancé? M for sex and language. Regina never expected to be here. Hell she never expected to be apart of this asinine plan, Donna con Raven regina here she was, and she was the scapegoat.

She'd no clue, but Emma claimed True Love and now they were both in this mess. Or the one in which Emma completely lies about Donna con Raven regina happiness and brings Regina into her hair-brained lie and claims Regina is her soon to be wife and that she's pregnant with their True Love baby. Regina is surely not about to go through this without being as difficult as she could possibly be.

Regina and Emma Donna con Raven regina raising Henry. Storybrooke PTA has a fit. The ladies fight back and gain unlikely allies. Please feel free to leave comments, critiques and suggestions. After 2 years of having a toxic relationship with Killian, Emma decides to ran away with her son to and old house that belonged to her family since many decades ago. It is an old, dusty, abandoned cabin on the limit of a town called Storybrook. According to the people in town, that house is haunted by a powerful Demon who has expelled all the White owners.

Emma does not believe in fairy tales or old lady stories. She will make a home from that cabin. Even if that means that she will ignore the fact that her 8 years old son is alway speaking with "The Queen". This story picks up immediately after Into The Breach. The third installment of the Donna con Raven regina that started with 60 Days. While it is not necessary to read the first two, you may want to start with those. There will be references to them in this story, with characters from those two will Donna con Raven regina visiting.

Snow will cause problems for many of the residents of Storybrooke. Her Donna con Raven regina main targets are Regina and Emma as her jealousy grows. One night Emma gets a strange request from Mal to assist an old friend from out of town.

She meets the mysterious woman at the Dragon's Scale and the two Donna con Raven regina a fun night together. Over a few months, their relationship grows, but neither talks about work until one day the Dom discovers her new boss is also her Sub. When true dark and true light Donna con Raven regina together, they break through the barriers of good and evil.

The child born will bring together darkness and light and destroy them both—blurring the lines between good and evil and fusing them to be as one.

It never specified that it would be the iconic Savior and the former Evil Queen that would bring it about. As soon as Emma held her son, she changed her mind about giving him up.

Now, they live in a comfortable apartment in New York, just the two of them, living life day to day. Emma decides today is the day to finally finish unpacking A family that includes her, but not a family that she remembers. Canon divergence from the end of Going Home. Swan Queen. It's a sanctuary, built to keep supernatural creatures and fairy tale characters safe. Donna con Raven regina away from the outside, the "normal" world. It's like catching two flies with one stone. However, their lives are about to change even more when they get a strange visitor, and a case that will throw both Emma and Regina deep down a dark path that will test the strength of their relationship and the family they have built around them.

If you start reading this without reading A Little Something New, you are going to be very, very lost. So go back here and read it first. Emma and Regina are married, What if Donna con Raven regina was also cursed? Now, Her new goal is not to change the Luthor's way.

But to find her way back to home. To her real family. What Happen's when a young blonde is made to become an Adult over night when someone leaves something unexpected on The door step How Will Emma behave when she is thrown into a life style she did not ask for nor wanted and how Will she take On this new life she was titled with without her knowing After almost a decade, Regina decides today is the day she leaves her abusive husband.

Taking her son, she heads to New York and finds a shelter for domestic abuse victims. They're safe. No one knows them here. Regina Mills se negaba a contratar a una mujer por muy competente —o hermosa— que fuera para el peligroso trabajo de su empresa de seguridad de élite. Pero cuando su hermana y su pequeña sobrina necesitaron protección, Regina le ofreció un empleo a Emma para que cuidara de las dos.

Pero cuando se encariñó con la bebé, y con la sexy de su jefa, descubrió un secreto sobre la niña que podía cambiarlo todo…. Even when she was Donna con Raven regina shuffled from foster home to Donna con Raven regina home, Emma was writing. Her head was always full of stories, usually variations of the Donna con Raven regina commonly known fairy tales.

So when the son she gave up years ago finds her and claims his adoptive mother is the Evil Queen from her stories, she's thrilled. And terrified. Regina Mills is more complex than even Emma had realized, and she now has a son begging her to break a curse and putting himself in danger every chance he Donna con Raven regina.

How is Emma supposed to break a curse, anyway not that she really wants to in the first place? And what will happen to Regina if she does? And to Henry if she doesn't? What would happen if the Blue Fairy went back to work with her past self to completely derail Regina's future and everything went wrong? What happens when there are two blue fairies and one is almost as dark as Donna con Raven regina Dark One? Could Regina cope with the 'what if' that her life might have been?

Would she want to change anything? Would she want to lose Emma to a spell? Or lose ever having Henry? Not a chance! The Evil Queen is executed for her heinous crimes, but just seven days later, she returns from beyond the grave to exact her revenge. Now a bloodthirsty, ravenous creature who cannot be killed, she is doomed to spend the rest of her days trapped on a deserted island, and becomes something of an urban legend.

Enter Emma Swan, a pirate who washes up on the island following a violent storm. She Donna con Raven regina comes to learn that the truth is stranger than fiction. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.

True Love got you into this Mess. It better get you out. I'm Not A Luthor.