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Uno nuovo ogni giorno. La storia di Benny, un quattordicenne appassionato di film violenti. Invece, guarda Il nastro biancoanch'esso diretto da Michael Haneke. Whats brilliant about this film is the one who carries out the guardare video gratis Sachs brutal act is the same person who in the end realizes that a true closure of justice must happen.

This to me is Haneke's strongest stuff. Probably his second best film after The Piano Teacher. The feeling of reality is missing. If I watch nothing but films, even realistic documentaries, I see only images. This is one of the most chilling portraits I have ever seen. The further I get away from it, the scarier it gets.

Bravo M. Benny's Video exposes a dark exploration about obsession in Haneke's second installment of his "glaciation trilogy" bookended with The Seventh Continent and 71 Fragments of a Chronology of a Chance. The trilogy's thematic focus on social fragmentation guardare video gratis Sachs alienation surfaces with a quiet horror recorded and documented in Benny's Video. The reclusive teen's impressions of a pig slaughter inspires un unimaginable act. Presents multiple explanations for Benny's behavior without singling one out, which some may find frustrating or lazy but it allows the viewer to consider the subject without the film feeling preachy Funny Games which is something I can pretty much always appreciate.

Up there with Haneke's best for me, and the themes have only gotten more relevant over time. Benny doesn't really have a video; he IS a video, the sum of all videos, a void plastered with pulsating images, down the drain of which flow all the various senses guardare video gratis Sachs a chilled abstraction of vision: the sense of a self embedded within the social, embodied among vulnerable bodies, installed precariously in an inexorable, non-manipulable procession of moments.

Not undidactically, Haneke points guardare video gratis Sachs, pokes eyes. Was the ending so "moralist"? Perhaps Benny wanted things to not be so cleaned up guardare video gratis Sachs his life. His parents offered to cover for him in hopes of maybe preserving a life for him and themselves. In my opinion, and as horrid as it sounds, Benny's confession to the police is just an addendum to the destruction he already brought about.

Not saying that it's a bad thing, but it is what it is: his family's entropy. A compelling drama, conveyed in stark black-and-white cinematography, co-written with Jean-Claude Carrière. Michael Haneke guardare video gratis Sachs at his peak with this 21st century masterpiece starring Juliette Binoche. Exploring personal and societal guilt, Hidden is a tense, unsettling, impeccably crafted mystery that builds and builds—and still catches you unprepared.

In cartellone A noleggio Feed Notebook. Scopri la programmazione. Benny's Video. Diretto da Michael Haneke. Trama La storia di Benny, un quattordicenne appassionato di film violenti. Il nastro bianco Michael Haneke.

Benny's Video Diretto da Michael Haneke. Mostra tutto Guardare video gratis Sachs Film Festival Directors' Fortnight. Toronto International Film Festival International Film Festival Rotterdam Michael Haneke Screenplay e Director.

Arno Frisch Cast. Angela Winkler Cast. Ulrich Mühe Cast. Ingrid Stassner Cast. Christian Berger Cinematography. Marie Homolkova Editing. Veit Heiduschka Guardare video gratis Sachs. Articoli dal Notebook. Pablo Martin 14 Nov Leonardo Goi 24 Oct Fernando F.

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