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Uploaded by [deleted account] on February 23, This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language Additional Collections. Sex Madness Movies Preview. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! This is a typical sex exploitation film from the early s - complete with wild parties, sex out of wedlock, lesbianism, etc.

A chorus girl's exposure to the "casting couch" also exposes her to syphilis. Exploitation filmmakers hoped to capitalize on the taboo subjects of venereal disease, sex before marriage, lesbianism, etc. Films like this would tour the United States for years - mostly being shown in rundown, skid row theaters. This film has been re-edited and re-titled "Human Wreckage", "They Must Be Told", "Trial Marriage", "About Trial Marriage" many times to attract the same audience to film, to take advantage of a taboo subject which may have gotten press recently or to appease local censors who disapproved of the film's content.

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page. Reviewer: indah - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 13, Subject: pokrt online Thanks for some other informative blog. The place else could I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect approach?

Puritanical crapola, the typical fear tactics at work. If this is exploitation, where's the dirty stuff? Where's the sexiness to counteract all the guilt? Reefer Madness is depressing but a lot more fun.

Maybe scandalous back in the day,but very tame by today's standards. The title is scaricare video Real Sex bring people into the theaters,but failed to deliver what the title promised. Most movies back then had to go through the Hays Code Reviewer: guardian - - November 26, Subject: Please before you insult our prophet, know Him first. I invite those all who insult our prophet to read about him.

What do you know about him from your scaricare video Real Sex not movies. I grantee to you that if you know him well, you will never accept such words about him. And ask you to do scaricare video Real Sex search on the Net about him then decide at the end. Reviewer: Larrysdesk - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 6, Subject: A Struggle Shows what a struggle it was, and still is, to rid us of this scourge.

The corrupt medical profession, then as now, doesn't help. Boy oh boy, those were the good ole' days. Anybody got the "quacks" number? And more garbage Pretty much all of them prior to the '60s are pro-abstintence efforts, and though scaricare video Real Sex film uses the format mainly to target an adult audience, it plays as an extended take on any of those shorts in my collection.

There's a cosy, nostalgic value in these old films, even if they're as somewhat hamfisted as this one. Producer Dwain Esper was also behind as director the 'so bad it's brilliant' Maniac and as producer Reefer Madness, which in spite of its modern cultdom is a merely awful film in spite of some amusing moments, shapeless, hectoring and sluggish.

This is actually a suprisingly competent and pacy, entertaining affair despite the lack of care which has gone into it. I'd prefer it to be camper, though. There's a guy playing a medical expert in this film - the "If this is not stopped, mankind is bound for a new age of darkness" one, who I'm almost sure is also in an identical role in one of my BFI flicks.

If so, then his role here only scraps his bombastic direness as an actor. Anyway, enjoy. At least the makers had good taste scaricare video Real Sex music.

The orchestral excerpts popping up from time to time are from the first movement of Bruckner's Symphony No. Reviewer: kristinmak - favorite - September 17, Subject: Producers were smut peddlers in reality I just read about one of those old time producers, turns out these type of films were created deliberately to sound "helpful" but in reality were the producers way of getting smut into regular theatres. They could scaricare video Real Sex release them otherwise.

My grandmother told scaricare video Real Sex the same thing, and that NO BODY bought the idea that these were educational unless you were very ignorant. Basically, only southern bumpkins bought the idea that these films were for real. It has something to do with the "45 Scaricare video Real Sex of Communism" look it up, google it. Yes, this is all true, I'm not making it up lol. Once you watch them, you'll realize they are horrible quality, bad acting- and not very educational at all.

Everyone already knew about this stuff, but there was a faction who was desperate to get some sort of smut out in basic population so they made these films. Reviewer: Vintagefan01 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 20, Subject: Lesbians?

Who was a lesbian in this film? Tony Lorenz and his friends need to watch a similar movie but with 'drinking' as the theme. Reviewer: mohamid - favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 26, Subject: Madness of today mohammad would have loved this movie as it has no warnings about having sex with pigs and 9 year old girls. What did you do, copy and paste the entire Qur'an? Go find some women to oppress or something. Enjoyed the movie though.

Lousy movie. Reviewer: Brian Pinette - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 6, Subject: Very good for the time it was written and released It is almost verbatim in the same type of dialogue, titles that the films shown to the U. During that time in history, this was the belief.

The morals were different as was scaricare video Real Sex. Science in this regard was in its infancy. For that matter, talking pictures were still young. The acting and screenplay was okay for that time for such a serious topic that the major studios, MGM, Fox, alluded to, but could not actually speak of.

Reviewer: arabtv - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 22, Subject: thanksss Great firm. Reviewer: jeffzkrazie - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 7, Subject: The Splue The world's female fatale sex-o-maniac. Reviewer: splue - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 6, Subject: if sex is madness call me crazy!

Reviewer: Dr Feel Rotten - - October 24, Subject: Now I know All these years of getting laid and even becoming a grandpa i never knew that being "friendly" would make my dick fall off. If all these things were actually true and if jerking off caused blindness then by now I would have devolved back to a being with no eyes whatsoever like an earthworm.

Well now scaricare video Real Sex I'm an scaricare video Real Sex codger and my sex life is almost non-existent i guess i can relax and tell kids to not be "friendly".

After all. They don't want to end up like me. Reviewer: doowopbob scaricare video Real Sex favorite scaricare video Real Sex March 12, Subject Needs To Get A Life.!. Bed Springs.! Oh The Movie Sucks.! Reviewer: whiskeycat - favorite favorite favorite - January 12, Subject: didn't watch all of it I guess they were trying to scare people and for a good reason, it was pretty bad getting an STD back then because we did not have the medicine to treat it.

I remember watching "the magic bullet" it's the story of dr. Paul Ehrlich who helped find a cure for syphilis. Prior to the discovery of Penicillin, STD's were treated with medicine that contained mercury, it must have been pretty awful taking that stuff. I don't think penicillin came scaricare video Real Sex wide spread use until the 's.

This program, part of a nation-wide effort in the yearswas the "flagship" of the United States' "War on Syphilis". Much like the "War on Drugs" of today, it met with varied scaricare video Real Sex of success and failure. It did provide much information about syphilis demographics, and allowed health officials a chance to inform an otherwise prudish population about a sexually transmitted disease. When I watched this movie in light of the public health campaign it was more interesting, and that icky deformed foot certainly looked realistic!

It was because of this campaign that blood tests became mandatory for wedding licenses, and pregnant women and babies were scaricare video Real Sex for STDs. So while, yes, it scaricare video Real Sex poorly acted and poorly scripted, and off the charts lurid, the end had a lot of medical validity that, as they say, was torn from the headlines. I was ready to put it in the same category as Reefer Madness but then it morphed into something historical.

So I'll give it scaricare video Real Sex star because it inspired me to do some research and learn something. Now I want to find out what sort of treatments they were offering in so back to my googling. Reviewer: keygrip - - October 15, Subject: The worst film on the site by far Badly acted boring crap.

Don't bother with it. No stars. Reviewer: Chetzpt22 - - July 23, Subject: brsean's strap on that book long review you wrote is a good example of why the world has been at war killing each other for thousands of years like the one we have now! I have no review - this person bummed me out so much on it I decided to just download it watch at a another time.

Reviewer: DaNess - favorite - June 22, Subject: someone get brsean a life lol People who make huge negative scaricare video Real Sex witty reviews like that are critic wannabes and have no life I will admit in short-form that this short-flick is extremely boring.