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Login to Your Account. Remember Me? What's New? Page 51 of 80 First Last Jump to page: Results to of After a bad fall occasioned by an assignation gone wrong, a man is bedridden with a fractured hip and one leg in a cage-brace.

Unable to go on the prowl, he desperately goes through his address book, trying to persuade the women he's known to come over and have sex with him.

The single camera, ostensibly mounted at the foot of the bed so the doctors can keep an eye on his leg injury, is focused on his crotch, which latter, as his face is never shown, must do any acting that's to be done.

In the wrong hands, which would be just about anybody's, this would have become either a five-minute porno joke or some horrible 'arty' film. As the doorbell constantly rings "Who is it? Okay, come in, the key's under the scena erotica del film Sex and the City and the sheet comes and goes, a parade of other, similarly unseen, characters mix up the plot from the sidelines and we realize there's more going on here than was first apparent. I certainly wouldn't call this film great or meaningful in any way it's not even scena erotica del film Sex and the Citybut as far as wry comedies go, it fulfilled its end of the bargain nicely, eliciting startled barks of glee from us more often than not.

Even the "I'm not going to look at THAT for an hour" attendee, after a grumpy ten minutes, was won over and heard to snicker on multiple occasions. We then see Keri lying naked on her stomach on a bed and talking to the guy, who is lying next to her. We get a great view of her bare butt from above and the side. She then lays back as the guy kisses her. He then flips Keri over onto all fours and yanks down her panties, having rough sex with her from behind as we see some of her bare butt.

After they finish, Keri pulls her panties back on and lays down on the bed. Sibel is in Germany well known for her Porn carreer in many Porno movies. Most of them from the label Magma. She is the first turkish woman who did Porn movies in Germany that I know. We then get another look at her breasts when she is seen showering. She gained public attention after starring in the film Scena erotica del film Sex and the City.

Kekilli was born and raised in Heilbronn, to a family of Turkish origin. Her parents came to Scena erotica del film Sex and the City Germany from Turkey inand were described by Kekilli as "fairly liberal". After finishing school at scena erotica del film Sex and the City 16, she completed an apprenticeship as a public administration employee at the local city government, and then worked for two years at the municipal waste disposal office.

She moved to Essen inwhere she had held jobs as a saleswoman, cleaner, manager of a nightclub, and promoter. Inwhile at a shopping mall in Cologne, Kekilli was noticed by a casting director, who invited her to audition for a role in a film. The film was released in and was a major success, receiving several prizes at film festivals.

Filming proved strenuous for Scena erotica del film Sex and the City personally, and she underwent an appendectomy during filming in Turkey. Shortly after the release of Head-On, it became known Kekilli had previously acted in pornographic films under the stage name "Dilara".

This report, as published by the German tabloid newspaper Bild-Zeitung, led to a public sensation, and Kekilli's parents broke off all contact with her. She received the Bambi prize for "best shooting star" for her role in Head-On. During the televised acceptance speech, she tearfully complained about the "dirty smear campaign" and "media rape" against her.

Bild-Zeitung was later reprimanded by the German Press Council Deutscher Presserat for the manner in which it covered the story. Kekilli starred in the Turkish coup d'état film Eve Dönü? Also that year, she played a Jewish woman on scena erotica del film Sex and the City way to the Auschwitz concentration camp in the film Der letzte Zug The Last Train.

She was awarded the Lola for Best Actress in for her role. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Inone year after first appearing in a supporting role in the long-running crime series Tatort, she became a permanent cast member as new investigator Sarah Brandt, working alongside chief investigator Klaus Borowski.

She said that she was glad not to be playing a character of foreign descent, as she feels she has been typecast in the past. Then she sits back as one guy goes down on her while she kisses the other.

We then see her sandwiched between the two guys in bed as they have sex with her. Explicit threesome scene. Tiffany Limos nude as she rides a guy on a couch, then giving a guy a blowjob, and then laying between two guys as we see a guy fingering her as the other guy licks her breasts. Finally, we see her laying naked on the couch. Dietrich's Swiss soft porn factory Elite Scena erotica del film Sex and the City throughout the '70s along with the likes of Prior to video and DVD, skin flicks were doing major business at cinemas worldwide.

As there were still many countries that would not permit public exhibition of hardcore material at the time, the market for simulated sex features was positively huge. The French and Italian purveyors thereof had a tendency to cover up their motives with mock cultural and artistic alibis. Dietrich had no such qualms admitting he was in the money-making business, simply supplying what audiences demanded : plenty of attractive unwrapped starlets in healthy humorous scenarios. Without blowing his own horn, the man also delivered some of the most lavish production values within the genre at that stage.

Regular Elite contributors, the father and son team of Walter and Peter Baumgartner were on hand for the movie's amazingly eclectic soundtrack and its bright and colorful camera work respectively. The set-up is simple but cute. A male visitor to a sex shop keeps putting coins in a slot machine showing stag movies, ranting about how he's not interested in pornography at all but just in the way these movies are made an excuse certain genre scribes apply to this very day The seven sexy stories are largely played for laughs.

When she finally gets him home and into a typically Greek scena erotica del film Sex and the City pose, she only proves interested in making a clay replica of his privates, even though she's exaggerating on the size issue! An even more elaborate scenario has a single guy avenging himself on his lusty neighbors by recording a full tape of sex noises? His plan backfires, sort of, when the exotic next door lady ravishing Martina Domingo from Jess Franco's DOWNTOWN is aroused rather than annoyed by this aural disturbance and creeps into his apartment while her husband's asleep and snoring.

For contrast, there are a few stories that attempt a slightly more poignant tone. The lusciously lit view of her riding the bedridden boy's face is a sight not easily forgotten! Both sequences are far more leisurely paced than the comedic skits and make a mostly successful attempt at genuine eroticism. Fortunately though, it eschews the former's heavy-handed moralizing which made it easy for middle class Kraut couples to enjoy a fair share of cinematic skin without the stigma of belonging to the "Dirty Mac" brigade.

Hypocrisy is indeed of all ages but Dietrich and his gang would have none of it, presenting the viewer right off with his unflattering mirror image in the connecting character of the client, poking fun at bourgeois double standards. Last Jump to page:. The time now is