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In light of the way the Oscars acting award nominations went and with the general whitewashing of roles in mainstream big budget Hollywood movies, Esmeralda is an interesting role to discuss as her book self and her film presence are at weird odds.

In the book Esmeralda is presented as a Romani, and without getting it into too much, the Romani people are Ethnically different from the rest of Europe specifically France. This backstory sesso con Gina Lollobrigida really sesso con Gina Lollobrigida presented in two movies three if you think the Dingo version countthose versions are the version and the Sesso con Gina Lollobrigida version albeit that version flips things around whereas she is born Esmeralda to Cubans and raised as Agnes by mean French people.

So far in movie versions only Gina Lollobrigida and Salma Hayek have looked the way the sesso con Gina Lollobrigida versions theoretically want to depict the character. Hollywood however does of course forget that or ignores it and has a history of awarding parts that should go to people of minorities to white actors. The list of whitewashing practices in Hollywood is long.

And as this pertain to the Oscars, actors who fall into minority seldom get nominations and seldom win. For Actress only Merle Oberon got a best actress nomination in and no one else since. Oddly the same goes for Best Supporting Actoress with only one winner and five others nominated. The only Asian winner was Miyoshi Umeki in So how does this apply to Esmeralda?

The role of Esmeralda could be deepen which has been done in the past like in version or even the Disney version. It could be made into one those Oscar bait roles with relative ease. If that did happen given the state of Hollywood I would prefer to see an Actress who fits into the Romani look more than being a purist to the book. Either an Indian actress or Hispanic actress could fit nicely, though ideally, a young Romani actress would be ideal.

This is a big deal for a few reasons. First and foremost this idea originally was announced in as an idea for Once Upon a Time. Once it was announced that was the last anyone heard about it. Second this is the first movie since the freaking lost films that Esmeralda as the focus character. Evert movie version since has been a Quasimodo movie.

This also mean most movie versions made are vanity projects lead by a 40 something male actor looking to play emotional yet physically demanding role. Looking in to Peter Chernin who is not and actor or a director but a business man turned producer who has his own production, Chernin Entertainment. Also all the new outlets that have report on this are calling it a Live-action. This that either they are connecting it to the Disney version because of the trend of live-action Disney movies is REALLY big right now, they are confused or does Chernin have titles to Disney?

To which I say. I hope they give the role to a new sesso con Gina Lollobrigida but I doubt they will but it will depend on Esmeralda background who they cast. Short answer, yes! As of now there have been two Hunchback movies that seemingly have never got their footing one being from Max Ryan that had a full cast list and the other was from Josh Brolin who just had the director attached. The real question is why should they make a new version? Disney of course made their versionbut Disney is a little separate from Hollywood.

The other versions were from France,and and the other versions were TV movies, and So yeah there should a new adaptation for a more modern audience. But more than that, there are more reasons than just timeframe. Pending on the type of the movie that the producers go for, Hunchback could be pure oscar bait.

There also the real-life angle they could make with the Hunchback worker. Oscars LOVE movies based on true stories. Also adding to the oscar bait factor, the academy loves itself and since it made up of mostly of actors they like movies about actors.

They could also go other genre routes, like re-working the story to be like a super-hero movie. Super-hero movies are super popular though they have been waning in recent years.

But Quasimodo fits a super-hero type, so it could work. There is also the chance, albeit not sesso con Gina Lollobrigida super strong one, of Disney doing a live-action adaptation of the Disney version. This seems to a major trend with Disney right now. I could see this happening more than an super-hero version or a pure oscar bait.

I will say that Sesso con Gina Lollobrigida have no idea what Brolin version was trying to do but I would say given Brolin and the director it might have been a super-hero variety. I maintain that Esmeralda is a great costume for halloween especially the Disney version, you can go here to get tips for Disney Esmeralda costumes.

Gyspy Fortune teller Costumes are also great, go here to see awesome options Fortune telling costumes. And of course you could also go for a ghloulish undead Esmeralda go here for tips for that. Of course, there are two other movie Esmeralda costumes that would be fun choices for Halloween, the and the version.

Both are simple and you can pretty much buy what you need sesso con Gina Lollobrigida go to your closet. The costume is bold and striking. You will need a basic red short sleeve shirt, long red skirt, a leather belt with gold details, a dagger, and coin earring and bracelet. Pretty simple yet sexy. You can add the veil and a hip scarf if you want. Simple Red Shirt This shirt while simple is the right cut for the costume. Red Skirt. This skirt would be a good option has it sesso con Gina Lollobrigida a nice jagged hemline which look like the 56 version and it moves well.

Coin Bracelet. The Esmeralda wears a lot of coin bracelet but one will be enough. Hoops with Coin Dangles. Much like the bracelet if you can get coin hoops that would the best but just plain gold hoops would work well. The version is a little tricker than to sesso con Gina Lollobrigida for but you can get sesso con Gina Lollobrigida idea. Since the version is black and white you can pick any colors you want but one poster for the movie depicted her costume as yellow and purple, so that is what I would suggest.

All you need is a short sleeve loose white blouse, a yellow skirt that hits roughly below the knees but above the ankles, a sesso con Gina Lollobrigida or bolero and hip scarf and a long beaded necklace. White Loose-fitting Blouse. This blouse is more simple but it would still be a good choice for the Esmeralda. Yellow Embroidered Gypsy Skirt. Yellow Knitted Bolero. The Esmeralda wears a little vest but you can get a yellow bolero.

If you wish you can cut off the sleeves or leave them on if you want. This one is made from knit so it would be harder to remove the sleeves but the details of the knitting look nice and would match the bohemian style of the costume. Yellow Bolero. Purple Coin Hip Scarf. Purple Necklace. The Esmeralda wears sesso con Gina Lollobrigida of long necklaces so you can fun layering what ever you have.

But I would recommend trying to get some yellow and purple in there in you opt for that color scheme. Esmeralda Sesso con Gina Lollobrigida Set. At the end of the chapter when he sees Esmeralda walking in Notre Dame he thinks its her ghost.

You see touches of it in the version and the version. I understand that movie would rather focus on Quasimodo and not Frollo but this chapter would be so much fun sesso con Gina Lollobrigida a movie version.

Sesso con Gina Lollobrigida t really has sesso con Gina Lollobrigida a dramatic movie could want for sesso con Gina Lollobrigida director, actor, cinematographer, lighting, etc. In this chapter we learn a little about the history and concept of sanctuary and that it can be suspend but that rare. It also is. Esmeralda recovering her sensed that her time in jail rob her of. Quasimodo also gives her clothes food and his bed. We also learn that Djali is a-ok. This chapter and the sesso con Gina Lollobrigida one are often merged in sesso con Gina Lollobrigida versions.

Yeah, this chapter is in like every Hunchback movie version, pretty much. I have no complaints. Among the more famous versions of Hunchback, each version has a lot of movie posters. These are not in a specific order and they are all available on Amazon. This poster has a lot of energy. You get a sense of the personality of all the characters. I like how Sesso con Gina Lollobrigida and is front and center and I sesso con Gina Lollobrigida how Frollo looms over everyone from on high.

I really like how front and center Esmeralda is in this poster. All the other character are pretty much there in the crowd and their personality come through. I also like the color palette on this one which is ironic seen this was a tinted movie.

I also like the red tone. There sesso con Gina Lollobrigida a similar poster with a Quasimodo in silhouette against Notre Sesso con Gina Lollobrigida and pillory but it just not a dynamic. This one made simple but it captures the imagination of what this movie could be like.