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What is bittorrent? BitTorrent is a protocol designed by Bram Cohen. It is a kind of P2P system that enables communication between different computers. Torrents Torrent is the name for a group of computers that share the same file. Namely bittorrent works: A certain file on someone's computer. This person can turn it into a torrent. Sex Video download torrent is a relatively small file that contains the information for others to download the file.

From the moment the torrent is createdcan basically start sharing. The torrent is added to a site like PirateBay which one particular files can search. On this site than all the torrents that you have uploaded. Note: this is NOT the filesyou will notice that the small size of the torrents. To use BitTorrentone Sex Video download torrent a software program Torrent files can decipherand establishes connections with the Tracker and other computers.

Now sharing can really begin. Once the torrent Sex Video download torrent the program is started, the communication can begin. A connection is established if all goes well with other computers that also have the file in whole or in part. Indeedpart is also good. Sex Video download torrent is because the benefit of Bittorrent.

While you 're at ityou give even if you've only got a piece of the file particles also to others. Therefore Bittorrent only really useful for large files exchange.

When opening a torrent file is immediately checked by the clientwhether you have enough disk space to download the file. This space is reserved, but the file itself is steadily on the sizebecause of the small pieces that are added constantly.

The file is useful when the last little bit is downloaded. Tracker Bittorrent uses a Tracker. This is the central point that has a specific torrent. This keeps the information about the relevant torrent at. Who downloadwho uploads how far the uploads and downloads of all standing and so on. Did you know that a torrent can contain?

Multiple files Either you are required to download it with either you have the choice, the founder of the torrent file specified. Seeders and Leechers These are the two concepts for participants in a torrent. Leechers are those who are still working with up- and downloading of the file that they do not fully possess. Important for a torrent to " stay alive " is certainly Sex Video download torrent seeder torrent still open.

Are only Leechersthe file can obviously never be completely won, unless it happens to be true that the different pieces of the Leechers still constitute the entire file together.

Therefore it is important that you cooperate fair to a torrent. This would hetvolgende say You would love to have a particular filethere appears to be a torrent to bewith just enough seeders and leechers to download the file. For You take it in, you think " I can not exceed my limit " and you Sex Video download torrent your torrent off.

Such people are seen as profiteersand rightly so. If another wants to download the same filebut the entire file Sex Video download torrent not be gleanedthen offand the fun is done with the torrent. Because you had to close. So fast So please do not be selfish and think that others are like the files to enjoy.

So keep your ratio ratio in the eye. This is the ratio upload download. It is less than onelet your torrent still for a momentso that others get some pieces of your copy can download. This ratio is greater than 1then you have been sporting and have more pieces Sex Video download torrentthen you've received there.

In that case, you can safely close your torrentif you start to worry about Sex Video download torrent download and upload limit.