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Name: Viola Nickname: Vi or little flower her dad give that nickname for her Age: 13 Keyblade: the moon keyblade. Who Sex Video ragazza lesbica master is? This is either very very high idealism and complete flouting of the canon structure or a deluded fantasy that her crumbling mind has concocted.

Enemies spelt completely wrong is exemplifying her inner and intense hatred for a fictional character. Also back up Miss Honey weave, you are friends with her nobody? Logic, where do you find it. Boyfriend: Sora. Of course. Of bloodly course. Kairi replacement with added angst gets to hold hands with Sora. How original. Short Bio: Born to the one that was prophesized to destroy everything, Sarith had a lot of heroes trying to kill her mom, destroying the castle, whatnot.

Finally, she got tired of her stuff being stolen and started adventuring to try and regain some of the stuff she lost. She has no idea how she came across The World That Never Was, but she figured there can be some interesting things happening here.

Sex Video ragazza lesbica Else? Yes, her family tree is weird. How it happens exactly is a secret for now! The gray key is white instead and the gold part of the handle thing is black. This keyblade becomes different versions of his opponents weapons in a way that allows him to combat them easier.

He remembers running from his home and waking in a strange place. He also had this strange key-thing. Something has warped his power however. Anyt hing Else? If you want to join us help keep our blog active, you have a chance! Some news on a new Birth by Sleep game! My first critique is right here! I reworked him and also scrapped his history entirely. Glass is able to be used in both offensive and defensive ways of fighting however Demitri prefers to use it in a defensive manner.

He uses it both as a shield and a method of hiding, he manipulates it to alter his enemies view of him and attack when they are focused more on looking for him. One of his favored techniques is to use a fire spell to heat the glass, form i t into a sharp point at the front and Sex Video ragazza lesbica it at them. When not in a fight he can be found creating glass sculptures or seeking new ways for him to use his element productively.

Honestly, I did like the Astral Projection thing which I realized in hindsight I failed to mention but this glass thing is really neat, too! His weapon is very similar to the pole he once used to form glass, the staff itself a sturdy but hollow metal and the blade itself is light. It is similar to the metal pole Sex Video ragazza lesbica glass combination he used to shape the glass as a somebody just with a difference in weight. He is not heavily reliant upon his weapon and only uses it when his Sex Video ragazza lesbica and magic fail on him.

Physical Description: Tall, lean athletic build with a pale Sex Video ragazza lesbica. His hair is Sex Video ragazza lesbica a short kind of pixie cut. He is one who is able to remain calm in most situations. Despite his calm and quiet demeanor he is one to over think things and often question why he needs to do such things.

Since he was younger Demitri always was enthralled by Glass and the things that could be made from it. After he began to take more art classes his love of glass grew during a Sex Video ragazza lesbica project on creating a stain glass tile and he set a goal to learn how to create the glass pieces he admired.

After some time and many trials he managed to become apprenticed under a local glass smith at the age of For a few years everything was fine and he was able to work his way up and gain a job at the company as one of the smiths although he is far from a master. He also became a man of habit and one to always take the same route home, so he was aware of the rise in heartless but still remained set in his ways. After a month the route became impassible and he decided to take a different way home to avoid the waiting danger.

He made it halfway to his destination when he realized that the supposed safer route was even worse than his usual one. Demitri continued to walk attempting to suppress the slight feeling of fear he had, however it proved to be pointless.

One shadow appeared behind him and he quickened his pace in hopes of finding a weapon. Before the heartless struck he managed to eye a weapon, however his reflexes were to slow and in a matter of seconds his heart was claimed.

Complete with the bio! I do like this one. But you can write the history for yourself so you understand your characters motivations. This Sex Video ragazza lesbica like a bare backbone as I see it now. Just the basics. Though, you are missing family, friends, how they get along with them, thing Sex Video ragazza lesbica that.

Current Bio: He eventually learned the use of corridors and decided to travel a bit, after a few chance meetings he met one of his later to be Superiors and decided to help her in her ideal. There are still things you can add to make the character interesting. Research some character development tips! We have a ton in our Character Development tag and our relevant tag. For fun, you can do those little character development memes if you just want to expand your OC for yourself.

A fenrir is a mythical beast that stems from Norse mythology, which originates from the Northern Germanic people. There is slight use of Norse mythos in Kingdom Hearts, the enemy Ragnarok for instance is a figure that participates in the ultimate final battle that distinguished stuff about mortals and some sort of chain of being.

Demi-gods are the offspring of a human and a god, or a mortal who has attained divine status after death. This is something you should avoid, few entities reach anything Sex Video ragazza lesbica mortal so factor this in when making huge choices like this. Your name is completely out of context and is now a culture-fuck because of the origin of your character.

You done diddly jumped from Norse mythos to Greek mythos. Make Sex Video ragazza lesbica you have a full understand of the world and Sex Video ragazza lesbica lore that comes with it. Within Olympus? Alright, I can understand how that may work. Just make sure things challenge this bloke and he does encounter things that inhibit progress or hinder his progress throughout his journey. Fenrir is the son of the god of the Underworld Hades and his wife Persephone.

When he was 18, he tried Sex Video ragazza lesbica sneak into the Olymp and cause chaos, he was, however, caught by the father of the god Zeus. Zeus cursed him with an immortal life,which Fenrir first gladly accepted. But Zeus also took all his emotions and feelings from him and thus making Fenrirs immortal life to living hell for him.

He would fight a champion chosen by Zeus. Zeus agreed with one condition though: If he gets back his emotions, he will be mortal again Sex Video ragazza lesbica Zeus will hunt him. Fenrir accepted.

He fought Herkules and he won. But Zeus tricked him. Zeus would not lie. He is a keeper of oaths he makes. His punishments would not involve prolonged life, that is more of a reward in contrast to the other punishments he has inflicted, you would more than likely get something like: eternal torture, tied to a fiery wheel for eternity, blinded and send to the Harpies so they could plague you or something of the sort.

Like a black hole effect. If you did exist chances are if Hades were to Sex Video ragazza lesbica you existed he would rend your flesh. I beg of you. None of these people would look kindly on you. Terra varies from either being obsessed with one goal and will disregard everything else because he is under the influence of Xehanort, or he is righteous, and if you weave in the storyline part in which he was in Olympus he would be more toward the path of righteousness.

Why list past traits here? Herpa Derp derp? How is this part of his personality? I feel like this is just a lucky dip trait. Or at least access to the things they need to grow, like sunlight.

I call bullshit. Thank you for shit staining the KH fandom even more with your character. Please just scrap this design. Like, your order would have their Sex Video ragazza lesbica uniform to protect them from the darkness.

I do like the alterations, though. Very cool. It enhanced their given ability by one-hundred fold.