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SchoolgirlSexPunishment Very kinky, sexual types of punishment for school girls! Wizard Sexy Video to site? Site is filtered. Or stream for 0. After the enema, still straitjacketed and deliciou [ A large plastic nozzle is used.

Thanks to the flow meter on the enema line, you can see all the Wizard Sexy Video filling her up, and feel her belly get fully: in fact, she soaks up the bag to the last drop. As if that weren't enough, Kitty gets spanked mid-enema, until her butt turns a nice shade of red. Her Master feels up her Wizard Sexy Video belly at the end of the enema. At last, relief from the enema cramps Wizard Sexy Video means of expulsion into a bucket, through an anoscope plastic anal speculum.

Quite a jet of water bursting out! Afterwards, to make sure that no Wizard Sexy Video enema expulsion [ She whines and squirms, but she gets the enema anyway! Next, she expels the enema on the toilet, still wearing the bit-style mouth gag; she gets a little belly-rub mid-expulsion. At the end of the enema, he leads her still in straitjacket to the toilet, where she expels the enema while facing the water tank.

Further embarrassment for Kristine from forced masturbation with a wand vibrator, during the enema. Blow job mid-enema; cum on her chest and in her mouth. Plugged up with a double-balloon nozzle, she has no choice Wizard Sexy Video to soak up the full enema bag. Next, she expels her enema into bucket, while still hogtied on her back; finally, she gets freed, and has to crawl on all four to the bathroom, where she finishes expelling her enema on the toilet.

Both girls are deliciously naked. Veronica is still tiptoeing, with her wrists tied up to the Wizard Sexy Video. But Veronica is quite an enema lover, and can take the huge nozzle and the full-bag enema. After her belly gets quite filled up, Veronica expels her enema into a bucket Wizard Sexy Video while still tied up in a standing positionand the [ Toilet Enema Expulsion. Meanwhile, Veronica masturbates Athena with her hand and with a wand vibrator. Upon getting untied, Athena expels the rest of the enema on the toilet, while making out with Veronica.

Then she finishes up on the toilet. Enema for Sexy Chocolate-Covered Schoolgirl n. Enema expulsion on Wizard Sexy Video toilet. Shower at the end. Pasta Up the Ass! Flushed out with Enema n. She gets picked up by a guy who offers her a much-needed place to stay — but on condition that she becomes his sex slave!

Since Katia acts all bratty doing the insertions, she gets a little spanking as well. To flush out the several beans and pieces of pasta from her ass, Katia gets an enema from a very full red bag, which she [ She takes the lead and loads up the ass of Priscila with a good bulb full series of milk enemas. She shows us all a new way to drink our milk, flavored by a good friends ass.

Watch her catch in her mouth the arching white streams! For starter, the doctor has her partially undress, to reveal her lovely pussy. He helps her relax with a little clitoral and vaginal massage. Then he douches her with a clear plastic syringe.

Next, he probes her pussy with a large metal speculum, and he even inspects her insides with a flashlight. The Wizard Sexy Video doctor revs up his seduction by biting her nipples during the breast exam! Then Wizard Sexy Video strips her down to her shoes, and directs her to lie face down on the e [ Veronica is lying naked, face down, on a massage table.

While doing that, Missy will guide you with the needed steps. Her Wizard Sexy Video, sexy manners will inform you as wel [ Nurse and Patient get into Lesbian Enema Orgy! Maya undresses Nurse Lis just down to her shoes initially, and then completely Wizard Sexy Video — and proceeds to give her a series of milk enemas with a squeeze bulb first, and Wizard Sexy Video with an enema bag.

Eventually, the roles get reverse yet again, and Nurse Lis takes a turn giving Maya an enema, while Maya climbs onto the table and Wizard Sexy Video almost on top of the nurse, in a 69 positio Wizard Sexy Video While Karen lies naked on the exam table, the doctor feels her up in search of a diagnosis.

The extremely large rectal thermometer is particularly discomforting, and Karen squirms Wizard Sexy Video the doctor introduces it into her pert little pucker hole. After lubing up her tight asshole with a gloved finger and inspecting it with a round anal speculum, Doctor Icy arrives at a prognosis: a nice warm milk enema should do the trick! During the procedure Karen has some difficulty holding in the enema — and she even Wizard Sexy Video some of it right there on the table!

So, the Doctor administers several [ In that awkward position, she has to endure a butter stick shoved up the ass! The good nurse prescribes a Wizard Sexy Video and nourishing milk enema as therapy. Maya is positioned on hands and knees, and her rectum is loaded with milk several times over, using a large plastic nozzle attached to a bag, as well as multiple rounds of squeeze-bulb enemas.

To make the enema more bearable for Maya, Nurse Lis pleasures her by licking her asshole and pussy, in addition to masturbating her. Maya accidentally squirts out her milk enema in a pure white gushing stream, while still kneeling on all four on the [ Mid-enema, she gets a good bare-hand spanking, as well as a few paddles with leather strap, until her butt turns Wizard Sexy Video pronounced shade of red.

She also masturbates during the enema. She likes enemas — and she gets plenty of them! Then Veronica gets an enema, while she is upside down! In fact, she soaks up so much water that her belly is visibly distended! Finally taken down from the inverted position, Veronica gets t [ Missy is a delicate schoolgirl; Gypsy is a fiery cheerleader. Both are a sexy mix of White and Asian. They had individually been sent to the Reform School for Bad Girls.

Their punishment is severe. After a brief joint spanking, they get oiled up all over. Long colonic tubes get fully inserted, and both girls soak Wizard Sexy Video their respective bags. Flow indicators help visualize the enema [ Apparently, that's due to huge embarrassment about body Wizard Sexy Video she won't even let her boyfriend watch her pee! She is stripped down to her fishnet stockings.

Her Master places her in immobilizing bondage with thumb cuffs and a spreader bar for her legs, while she straddles a large cylindrical structure. Then her Master replaces the thumb cuffs with a straitjacket — and starts an enema. The enema is delivered with red bag and flow indicator. Moxie cries nonstop while she soaks up the enema [ She discovers that the training consists of receiving a heavy-handed series of enemas! She has no choice but [ While hogtied and blindfolded, she receives an enema from Andre, while Athena masturbates her.

The enema is delivered using a large plastic nozzle, a red enema bag and a flow indicator. After soaking up a full Wizard Sexy Video, Hazel, still hogtied, gets lifted and carried to the bathroom Wizard Sexy Video Athena and Andre. She finally gets to expel her enema on the toilet, still in bondage and blindfolded, while Athena masturbates, kisses and fondles her. Hot wax gets dripped on her, mid-enema.

At last, she gets to kneel up, showing her distended belly — and has to extinguish a candle with her enema expulsion jet! Her face and her voic [ The enema is administered with a red bag and a flow indicator.

This is NOT a punishment enema, but neither it is a pleasure enema — because Missy has a somewhat hard time with enemas. Veronica masturbates her, to make the experience more pleasurable. After Missy soaks up the full bag, Veronica lets her down. Missy expels the large enema into a clear bucket, while squatting above the toilet, and then finishes expe [ Forced masturbation with vibrator.

Enema, with red bag, flow indicator and large plastic nozzle. While OTK: spanked bare-handpanties lowered, 4 rounds of milk enemas delivered with a turkey baster, holding the enema. Beer Enema for Redhead : Straight from the Bottle n. First, he probes her butthole with 3 fingers at once, and then he shoves the bottle up her ass!

When she later spits it the bottle, her Master again spreads out her tight entrance again with 3 fingers, and then the bottle goes in for a second time — and then the process is repeated a 3rd ti [