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I servizi concordati sono stati forniti? Sottoposto da 3g76 recensioni su Escort su 24 Mar No Le condizioni dell'incontro? Commento scritto in Francais : Agence pas fiable Donna con Ksyusha tout. Meme un email envoye le lendemain ils auraient au moins pu prevenir! Commento scritto in Francais : et bien avec Milena, ce sont mes agences favorites depuis quelques semaines.

Sottoposto da alligator69 recensioni su Escort su 04 May Commento scritto in Francais : Tres mauvaise Donna con Ksyusha. Franchement gros foutage de gueule.

Agence vraiment lamentable et plus que minable. Sottoposto da maxxou 37 recensioni su 37 Escort su 04 Jul EscortAphrodite: Thank you for your review. I am the person you communicate with! And I really like to talk with you and actually as with every client! I appreciate your opinion and I will try to make it better if you like. Do not hesitate to sms me if you wanna meet one of our lovely girls!

Commento scritto in English : my first booking,with SMS,answere quick ,good incall in Donna con Ksyusha hotel snazzy ; all desire respected ,and transmit at ladys thank Sofia me not forget Sottoposto da friandzzy 86 recensioni su 48 Escort su 12 Jul EscortAphrodite: I did not forget you Donna con Ksyusha Agence tres tres sympa et courtois rapide Donna con Ksyusha efficace.

Sottoposto da anthony 3 recensioni su 1 Escort su 19 Jul Reponse : elle est bookee. Mon sms suivant : "qui vous avez de libre et de sympa". Reponse "personne, tout le monde travaille". Sottoposto da Cinsar76 10 recensioni su 5 Escort su 22 Jul Fort heureusement, rien de la sorte avec cette agence. So far so good! Donna con Ksyusha de chichi inutile. Sottoposto da ydea 84 recensioni su 39 Escort su 28 Jul Sottoposto da lnezzi recensioni su Escort su 02 Donna con Ksyusha Erare humanum est, persverate diabolicum.

Sottoposto da Darthagnan 49 recensioni su 20 Escort su 03 Aug Sottoposto da lnezzi recensioni su Escort su 03 Aug Sottoposto da Scobal 57 recensioni su 44 Escort su 13 Aug Commento scritto in English : Sans aucun doute une des meilleures agences du moment.

Elle fait tout pour satisfaire ses clients. Les promesses sont tenus. Efficace, Fiable, Bref le top. Je la recommande vivement pour ceux qui ne souhaitent prendre aucun risque. Sottoposto da Donna con Ksyusha. Une bonne agence pour demarrerLa fille correspondait totalement aux photos du site. Sottoposto da alexis 35 recensioni su 29 Escort su 12 Sep Commento scritto in English : Cancelled confirmed meeting 2 hours before the Donna con Ksyusha.

Has only one star in Paris Diana which they overbook and then cancel client appointments, while trying to offer the remaining escorts they have in Paris that do not have any work. Bulshit Agency Sottoposto da lucent61 recensioni su Escort su 19 Sep Sottoposto da recensioni su Escort su 20 Sep Commento scritto in English : These days for our great pleasure several excellent Russian agencies send to Paris super escorts.

And escortaphrodite is among the bests. May be these days the very best. The web site is very pleasant to browse very elegant. For all the ladies of this agency that I had the chance to meet the pictures where authentic and reasonably accurate.

For email this takes more time about 2 hours. I never had problem with reservation and they were very flexible when I had to cancel some meetings. Dress code always respected. They have other Donna con Ksyusha and field of interest in their home town.

They are very devoted and what is described on the web site is truly and with enthusiasm available. Sottoposto da count 82 recensioni su 78 Escort su 24 Sep Annulation de derniere minute de ma part, et le manager me propose directement une solution arrangeante de report.

Un vrai bon point. De plus tres reactive. De plus la fille a la porte de la chambre etait bien semblable aux photos. A resolliciter.

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I had 3 meetings with their ladies until now. Prompt reply, usually within min. Very Polite. Donna con Ksyusha details are clear and precised. I was very pleased with how professional they are. Totally recommended Donna con Ksyusha all respectful gentlemen. Thank you for taking care of me today with wonderful Svetlana at Sottoposto da silent 5 recensioni su 4 Escort su 26 Oct Les filles semblent mener la danse Sottoposto da Al74d 36 recensioni su 14 Escort su 27 Oct Commento scritto in English Donna con Ksyusha Very easy with two sms all things were solved.

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