Fanfik sesso koroly

fanfiction reading episode 3 (widowtracer gets steamy 0---0)

Il sesso cambia un ragazzo per soldi

Olivia danced around her room, singing loudly into the handle of the broom she held in her hand. She was currently multitasking, fanfik sesso koroly the floor, and jamming to the music blasting from her bedroom speakers. Bending over she picked up the small rug that laid at the edge of her bed and moved it out fanfik sesso koroly her way, still tooting her ass up to the beat. Pop, pop that I would appreciate it if you turned it fanfik sesso koroly on.

Setting the broom against the wall, Olivia began swaying her hips, dancing towards Fitz. Grabbing him by his arms she pulled him towards her. Simultaneously they both dipped their hips, Olivia adding an arch to her back, both of them yelling out "Don't stop get it, get it". Good times" Fitz smirked. Olivia stopped dancing and stood back, placing one hand on her hip, she fanfik sesso koroly her eyes at Fitz.

But it really doesn't matter 92, 91, fanfik sesso koroly know it brings back great memories. Fanfik sesso koroly one has ever given me greater memories than you" Fitz stepped forward, reaching out and grabbing her by the waist, pulling her towards him. The next song began to play and Fitz turned Olivia around pinning her between the dresser and himself.

Olivia smiled closing the distance between fanfik sesso koroly lips. Fitz leaned in, wasting no time thrusting his thick tongue into her mouth, sucking down on hers. Her kisses were sweet and tangy, Fitz loved how her tongue felt brushed up against and tangled with his. Picking her up fanfik sesso koroly swinging her over fanfik sesso koroly dresser, Fitz slammed her hard against the wall.

Olivia winced and broke the kiss to pull her shirt over her head. Fitz reached behind her and unclipping her fanfik sesso koroly, exposing her nipples. Taking one into his mouth, Fitz roughly sucked and pulled on the brown bud.

Setting her on her feet, he unbuttoned and dragged both her pants and panties off, leaving Olivia completely naked against the wall. They continued kissing and sucking fanfik sesso koroly each others mouths with fierce urgency. As if they were the source for each others oxygen supply. Fitz lifted Olivia up and carried her to the bed, tossing her down, watching her breast bounce around wildly at the force of her fall. Olivia momentarily sat back, quickly trying to catch her breath "And what do you think you're about to do with that belt?

But this tie? She had never been tied up before and while the idea did excite her, the fear of being completely out of control made her hesitant. She licked her lips watching Fitz cock twitch and slightly swing from side to side as he walked around to the other side of the bed.

Fitz let go off a small chuckle before grabbing her arm and swinging her around on the bed onto her stomach. Liv winced a little and Fitz finally climbed on to the bed. Positioning himself behind her. Olivia got on her knees, arching her ass up. Her hands pressing into the soft pillow cases on their bed.

Fitz pulled his hand back and smacked her ass hard and Olivia fell forward, a small whimper left her lips. Reaching around and grabbing both her arms, Fitz used his tie to tie them together. Loose enough so it wouldn't hurt fanfik sesso koroly tight enough so she couldn't break loose. With her hands securely tied fanfik sesso koroly her back Fitz leaned forward so he could whisper into her ear.

His cock grazing Olivia's opening and she whimpered fanfik sesso koroly, growing anxious. Fitz stuck his tongue out fanfik sesso koroly licked her earlobe before retreating back to his original position. Her legs were spread. Her ass in the air arched up at him, Fitz smiled down at the sight in front of him. Running his hands around her ass he griped her cheeks, squeezing it hard.

His finger nails pressing deep down into her skin. Olivia moaned softly into the pillow when Fitz spread her ass and slipped two fingers inside of her. Finger fucking her slowly before removing them and bringing them to his lips. Taking one into fanfik sesso koroly mouth and sucking it dry, saving the other one for Liv.

Feeding her his finger with her juices on it to her, Olivia bit down on it when he stroked inside of her, stretching her walls to accommodate his size. Gripping the back of her neck tightly, Fitz pushed her face into the pillow, plunging into her heat, long and hard. Each stroke deeper and harder than the last. His balls slapping against her sensitive core. With her hands tied behind fanfik sesso koroly, Fitz had full control over where he wanted Olivia's body to go.

Still holding on tightly to the back of her neck, using his free hand Fitz slapped her ass again. Olivia threw her head back, screaming loudly. She was dripping fanfik sesso koroly, her juices running down her legs and dropping onto the sheets. Fitz grunted in response, his mind in a daze fanfik sesso koroly Olivia's pussy pulsating around his cock. Her scorching hot, wetness clamping on his dick causing Fitz to also throw his head back in pleasure. Both his hands were now around her neck and Fitz pushed her face down deeper into the pillow.

Fucking her with full force. The music was still playing in the background, mixing in with the sounds of their grunts fanfik sesso koroly moans and the bed rocketing forward, beating against the wall. Fitz thrusted into her deep and wild, with each stroke he laid into Olivia, she was experiencing fanfik sesso koroly mixture of pain and pleasure.

Olivia bit down on her bottom fanfik sesso koroly, almost drawing blood to hold in her screams. Letting go of her lip she cried out into the pillow, wishing her hands weren't tied so she could hold on to anything her fingers could grasp. Her toes were involuntarily curling up and she felt each of Fitz strokes hit her gut from the inside out. Each thrust after the next sent shock waves through her.

But she needed more, she needed it to be harder. Fitz slipped out of her, letting go of her neck, instead moving his hands up to her hair. Grabbing a fist full Fitz yanked her backwards, bringing Olivia's sweaty body against fanfik sesso koroly. Pushing her against the headboard, Fitz spread her legs even wider, his right hand playing with fanfik sesso koroly.

His left hand on her breast, twisting at her nipples. Licking fanfik sesso koroly few circles, he bit down on her necK, certain to leave a mark. Her skin salty under his tongue. Her arms were growing sore. Turning Olivia around, Fitz pulled her down and laid her on her back. Spreading her legs open wide. Olivia stomach flipped as she looked down at him aligning his cock up with her opening. Beads of sweat were dripping down his chest as it rose up and down heavily. He was teasing her again and Olivia tried to wiggle and squirm to get the head of his cock inside of her, which was at the base of her opening.

Finally he slid into heat. They both let out a loud moan. Fitz hands were on her legs keeping them spread far apart as he stroked into her, pouring all of his energy into fucking the life out of Olivia. Her breast vibrating and bouncing to the beat of his thrust. His face was contorted up in pleasure, but there was also a certain determination mixed in his facial features.

Olivia looked into his dark eyes and didn't see Fitz. The man plunging in and out of her was almost mechanical, his movements sharp fanfik sesso koroly fast. Every hard thrust deliberately made so that Olivia would feel it all over her body. Olivia arched her hips up, trying to fanfik sesso koroly Fitz stroke for stroke, her efforts falling short. His movements to rapid and her body too drained and exhausted to keep up. To be honest she didn't know how Fitz was still going or where he got this sudden burst of energy from.

Olivia clenched her eyes shut, soft fanfik sesso koroly falling from her lips. She was so close. Her hands reached around and grabbed Fitz ass, pushing him in deeper. Fitz hips bucked forward and his movements became wild. Slipping one of his fingers between her legs, Fitz lightly grazed his finger over fanfik sesso koroly center and Olivia squealed.

He pressed down, slighty pinching her center between his two fingers. He used his index finger to made circles around her clit, sending Olivia over the edge. She screamed out his name, telling him how fanfik sesso koroly he felt. Olivia's eyes rolled to the back of her head, her body arched up, enjoying the tingling feeling traveling through her.

Her orgasm taking over her body. She let out a few more closed mouth moans as Fitz still stroked her pussy, before exploding inside of her.