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Not again. The hiring agent had been shockingly explicit in describing just exactly what would Guarda Sesso Lisa Ann expected of him if they hired him. If he wanted the job, Javi would be Guarda Sesso Lisa Ann to put out - on demand.

It was as simple as that. If Javi had been legal he would have told the man to shove it. So Guarda Sesso Lisa Ann swallowed his pride and agreed to let himself be fucked. Just how degrading this whole experience would be was brought home on his first day on site. Take them off, boy. Fuck, there were half a dozen guys just standing there. Feeling his entire body burning in shame, Javi had done what he was told. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them and then lowered his boxers.

This last action resulted in a chorus of wolf-whistles as the men around him took in his naked booty. We might as well christen that pretty pussy right now. It was the first time Javi had ever taken a dick up his fuck-hole and it was more painful than Javi would have believed. It was all he could do to keep from crying as he lost his cherry. He was so embarrassed, so ashamed at being fucked like a woman. What would his father and brothers think of him if they ever found out?

What would his girlfriend, Reni, say? Javi tried to tell himself that he was just doing what he had to do, that he was supporting his family back home.

They all fucked him that morning - every guy on the site. And most of them came back for seconds later in the day. But Simpel was the worst. He fucked Javi four times that first day, each time harder than the one before. Javi could hardly walk by the time that first day ended and his fuck-hole was uncontrollably farting out globs of spent man-scum for hours after he got back to his apartment.

That was four months ago. It was over a thousand for sure. And Javi had learned it was a mistake to pull them back up. If he did that and Simpel saw him, the man would come over and pull them down to his ankles and order the boy to leave them there for the rest of the day. Javi was making good money and he knew he was really helping his family out.

And that bothered him - a lot. Not even to help out his family. The last week, random tumblr sites are just submitting CMNM, bondage and general domination porn videos.

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