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Go to: Home Forum Album. New Thread. Log In. Previous page 1 2 3 Next page. Ogni contributo è indispensabile e mi aspetto orologio gladiators sesso voi la stessa partecipazione della volta scorsa! Non abbiate timore, perché le traduzioni verranno poi ricontrollate. Grazie per far crescere il forum e Queenheaven. Quando avete terminato postate qui il vostro lavoro, sempre rispondendo al topic.

Testimoni di Geova Online Bombshell - Freddie, he's not a nasty Ogre. Highly Strung - Freddie in Is This Man A Prat? Orologio gladiators sesso Fiammy, guarda mi piacerebbe proprio provare a tradurre una delle interviste. Farei quella su Queen II, orologio gladiators sesso prima che hai postato.

Spero di farcela tra il lavoro e orologio gladiators sesso figlio C'è un tempo massimo? Orologio gladiators sesso comincio Laura P.

Mercury Rising -Freddie in 'People' magazine December Cara, posso cambiare intervista? Quella che ti dicevo prima mi sta risultando un po' complicata. Se non è un problema prenderei l'ultima che hai postato. Fammi sapere se va bene. Ho visto che ne stai postando altre. Prima cosa: ma dove cavolo le trovi tutte queste belle cose? Top 50 rarities - a look at the rare Freddie Stuff. Cerca orologio gladiators sesso forum. Search nei titolinei messaggicon Google.

Adesso sono le AM. Queenheaven Forum - Guaranteed to blow your mind. Print Email Notification. User Profile. Interviste concesse dal Papa. Siamo fortunati ad avere un Dio buono? La nostra "Magica" Crociera Costa. Noi Crocieristi. Basaksehir - Roma. Senza Padroni Quindi Roma Seems like only yesterday that people were taking the mickey out of Queen. Of course, there were some who reckoned they had a orologio gladiators sesso talent orologio gladiators sesso would come to the fore, but for many they were merely a flash in the pan.

Two hit albums and two hit singles later, the band can afford a smirk at the expense of their Journalistic detractors. This orologio gladiators sesso Queen began their second major tour of Britain. Last time round they were just breaking "Seven Seas Of Rhye" orologio gladiators sesso this time the new album "Sheer Heart Attack" will be featured, but strangely enough not their single "Killer Queen" since their lead singer Freddie Mercury deems it "not necessary to add to what we are going to do on stage".

It was Mercury, you may remember, who was so sublimely confident about the band's chance of success - and he hasn't changed. Four months ago, you might have sneered - now it's about time you listened. The turning point for the band is really the new single. It's a turning point in that it sounds nothing like the noisy heavy metal sound to which we are accustomed from Queen, thus justifying their earlier claim of 'versatility'. It's more of a mixture of Beach Boys, early Beatles and 's music-hall.

Quite nice, actually. Says Mercury : "People are used to hard rock, energy music from Queen, yet with this single you almost expect Noel Coward to sing orologio gladiators sesso. It's one of those bowler hat, black suspender belt numbers - not that Coward would wear that. He is also still very much hung up on maintaining the 'star' image.

For a start he never orologio gladiators sesso much money around with him. It's not that he's poverty-stricken or even mean - just that it's difficult to keep cash in your shoes. A star to the last, he wears pocketless trousers and keeps his finances close to his feet. My hose is my own. No coke bottle, nothing stuffed down there. However, sticking rigidly to the star image has its draw-backs. Satin trousers aren't that durable "I split a pair last week" and velvet and sequins have a nasty habit of dulling in the rain.

Still, they create the desired effect of getting people to stare. Mercury still adores the stares, of course - he's insisted all along he's a star and thinks he should dress accordingly. But for orologio gladiators sesso the high camp, he's got some gray matter in that head of his. It was, after all, Mercury who wrote six of the thirteen cuts on the new album and being artistically inclined it was he who provided the idea for the album sleeve.

Can you imagine trying to convince the others to cover themselves in Vaseline and then have a hose of water turned on them? The end result is four members of the band looking decidedly un-regal, tanned and healthy, and as drenched as if they've been sweating for a week.

A Queen III cover really, but this is completely new. It's not that we're changing altogether - it's just a phase we are going through. We're still as poncey as ever. We're still the dandies we started out to be. We're just showing people we're not merely a load of orologio gladiators sesso, that we are capable of other things. I'm not absolutely sure about that, though. No, not all the numbers last for ages. There were just so many songs we wanted to do. And it makes a change to have short numbers.

It's so varied that we orologio gladiators sesso able to go to extremes. I only had about two weeks to write my songs so we've been working expletive deleted orologio gladiators sesso. I wonder if they would be so keen if they realized the true story behind the single. Mercury elucidates : " It's about a high class call girl. I'm trying to orologio gladiators sesso that classy people can be whores as well.

That's what the song is about, though I'd prefer people to put their interpretation upon it - to read into it what they like. As if that wasn't bad enough, May was later informed that he had an ulcer. Currently he still has a certain air of frailty surrounding him, but claims to be feeling "better than ever". Mercury advises : "Brian has got to look after himself in future.

We all want to make sure something like that never happens again. So he'll have to eat the right things and steer clear of hamburgers. Sure, a whole tour would have helped us a bit more, but there's no such thing as 'we lost our chance'. I still believe that the time is right for us there and we're going back pretty soon.

We really did it - cause when we orologio gladiators sesso back you should have seen the write-ups. They were beautiful and they just want us to come back as soon as we can. They are just waiting on new product. She also added she was so close she could tell what religion I was, and that I wasn't wearing any knickers. She also pointed out that Ian Hunter had knickers on. Ian's going to die Since the American market is taking such an interest in Queen, it appears Japan is not very far behind.

We're planning to go to Japan in the New year," states Mercury "Can't wait, actually. All those geisha girls This time orologio gladiators sesso, the sound should substantially improve, since they will be playing larger venues than before, which are more suited to their vast sound system. We are going to have to put across all three albums. The repertoire will be built around them. But the main thing is to put across the energy of the band and hopefully the versatility.