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House Republicans turned the second day of House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings into a direct attack on Joe Biden's son Hunter — featuring his challenges with cocaine use into amendment to one of two impeachment articles.

Just minutes after the panel voted down a GOP amendment to strike down an abuse of power article, Donald Trump loyalist Rep. Puzzle trick sesso Gaetz turned introduced a three-line amendment that explicitly puzzle trick sesso Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. But it was not just the complex Ukraine dealings of the vice president's son that Gaetz raised — he immediately referenced Hunter's struggles with Ukraine use, a problem that got him kicked out of the U.

The Floridian referenced a New Yorker magazine article that catalogued how a Hertz rental agent had told a puzzle trick sesso of finding drug paraphernalia after a Hunter Biden rental after a car wreck.

Gaetz, a fierce Trump loyalist, asked how someone who 'could not resolve his own dispute with Hertz rental car after leaving cocaine and a crack pipe in the car' got a lucrative job on the board of an energy firm. Gaetz said he was 'not passing any judgement on the challenges' that anyone 'goes through in their personal life. His puzzle trick sesso struggles came even as the vice president's son was serving as attorney general in Delaware. The stabbing death of an year-old Barnard College student in a New York City park on Wednesday by two heartless muggers has sent the all-female school into panic.

Tessa Majors, a freshman at Barnard College who was from Charlottesville, Virginia, was walking down a flight of steps into Morningside Park on West th Street on Wednesday when she was attacked.

She had only been in the city since August, when puzzle trick sesso mother dropped her off for her freshman year of college. According to police sources cited by The New York Daily News who claim to have seen surveillance footage of the attack, two men approached Tessa on the steps.

They demanded money from her and stabbed her multiple times in the stomach, face, neck and under her arm, before fleeing. They say she appeared to have put up a fight. She crawled back up the steps bottom to a Columbia University puzzle trick sesso guard booth but the guard was doing his rounds. When he came back, she had lost consciousness. The teenager was then taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Hunter Biden will be grilled by his baby mama Lunden Roberts under oath in a deposition in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Puzzle trick sesso 23, according to papers filed puzzle trick sesso Wednesday.

Donald Trump on Thursday slammed the 'dirty cops' at the FBI who obtained a surveillance warrant against his then-campaign aide Carter Page during the presidential contest. Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are seeking to have their client's death sentenced overturned, arguing that he was subjected to a 'fundamentally unfair proceeding'. At a press conference on Thursday, several officials including the state's Attorney General confirmed that shooters Francine Graham, 50, and David Anderson, 47, were motivated by anti-Semitic and anti-police beliefs.

The pair slaughtered three innocent people including two Orthodox Jews and a Jersey City police detective on Tuesday before being killed in a shoot-out. Both Puzzle trick sesso services were held on Wednesday evening, in keeping with Jewish custom to conduct burial services as soon as possible after death. David N. Anderson and Francine Graham puzzle trick sesso police in a two-hour shootout during which hundreds of rounds were fired before officers stormed the Jersey City store in an armored car.

Marjorie Jordan was one of dozens of cops who descended on JC Kosher Supermarket on Tuesday after Francine Graham, 50, and David Anderson, 47, a pair of anti-Semitic lovers, opened fire on it, killing three innocent people. She stood in a position of cover and fought the killers for two hours, exchanging gunfire puzzle trick sesso a terrifying scene that witnesses described as a 'war zone' until they were eventually killed. At one point puzzle trick sesso the siege, Jordan watched as a male colleague took a bullet to the arm.

NEW Public health experts from three top US universities warn that, just like attempts to outlaw alcohol, broad-sweeping bans on e-cigarettes would only push former smokers back puzzle trick sesso Big Tobacco's arms. The ejection came after Spilo was involved in an 'inappropriate touching' scandal among contestants in a bombshell episode last month.

The aptly dubbed Google Interpreter will be available on any puzzle trick sesso device capable of running Google Assistant and can be activated by users by summoning the assistant with one's voice. Paul Manafort's cellmate Bill Mersey revealed how the former Trump campaign manager earned the respect of puzzle trick sesso fellow inmates behind bars.

The year-old spent three weeks with Mersey, 69, this summer while he was temporarily held at Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan. Manafort didn't go looking for confrontation but didn't shy away from puzzle trick sesso, Mersey said.

Manafort didn't blink, he didn't back down. He said, ''I grew up in the streets just like you. He was mostly concerned about how his sentence had ruined his plans for retirement, with Mersey saying: 'He did not own his crime. He was some combination of all three. He had groupies. Guy Roberts, who was the top civilian in charge of the nation's WMD program, made 'unwelcomed physical contact of a sexual nature by hugging, kissing or touching' three women, Pentagon said.

Archaeologists found 15, artifacts and living areas in an ancient site that dates back 12, years. Located in Connecticut, it was home to southern New England's earliest inhabitants. Ten former NFL players including ex-Washington Redskins stars Clinton Portis left and Carlos Rogers upper righthave been charged with defrauding the league's health care benefit program. Justice department prosecutors allege the players targeted the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan, which was established as part of a collective bargaining agreement in It provides tax-free reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical care expenses that were not covered by insurance and that were incurred by former players, their spouses and dependents.

All of the players face up to 20 years in prison, according puzzle trick sesso TMZ. Court papers allege Portis and seven other players submitted claims to be reimbursed for expensive medical equipment. But prosecutors allege they had puzzle trick sesso purchased or received the medical equipment. The indictment filed in federal court in Kentucky alleges they fabricated letters from health care providers about puzzle trick sesso the medical equipment, fabricated prescriptions that were purportedly signed by healthcare providers and created fake invoices from medical equipment companies in an effort to prove the equipment was purchased.

Juan Carlos García, former head of Amazon Mexico, went missing after his estranged wife was shot dead through a car window in Mexico City while trying to prove he previously tried to kill her. Perlita Afancio-Balles said she was 'psychic' and that she could bless and double a client's money. When they handed it over, she disappeared with the cash, Sacramento, California, cops say. Colleges such as the University of South Florida and Michigan State have accepted transferred athletes who were previously punished for sexual misconduct at their first schools.

In an open impeachment hearing Wednesday night, puzzle trick sesso Republican member of Congress spoke the name of a man widely thought to be the whistle-blower whose complaint about Donald Trump's famous phone call with Ukraine's president sparked this fall's impeachment saga. Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert was complaining during a hearing about two articles of impeachment that Democrats have blocked attempts to call fact witnesses puzzle trick sesso didn't support their arguments.

Virginia Democratic Rep. Don Beyer pounced on Twitter, outraged that Gohmert had apparently named the whistle-blower. Eric Holder, who served as Barack Obama's attorney general, slammed Bill Barr as puzzle trick sesso to lead the Justice Department' and charged him with running political interference' for Donald Trump. Trump claimed Democrats are impeaching him without evidence of a crime. This will be the first Impeachment ever where there was no crime. They don't even allege a crime. Democrats anticipate several puzzle trick sesso moderate members may break rank and vote against President Trump's impeachment.

Chairman Puzzle trick sesso Nadler implored Republican members to vote for impeachment as he laid out a case against President Trump during the first primetime impeachment hearing. President Trump was said to have made remarks about Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron to more than a dozen Puzzle trick sesso Nations ambassadors in a closed-doors meeting at the White House.

Trump and his advisors are considering bringing on Puzzle trick sesso to defend the president at puzzle trick sesso trial in the Senate, which would follow a House vote passing articles of impeachment. The shocking admission was made by Geraldine Perkins left in court, and right carrying her son into hospital29, as she took to the stand for a third consecutive day Wednesday to recount for jurors the horrific final moments of Zymere's top puzzle trick sesso short life, and how it was her ex-boyfriend Rysheim Smith bottom who took it away.

Perkins said she stood idly by while Smith, 45, savagely battered her son with a broomstick and a shower rod before hanging on him on the back of a bathroom door and throwing his body across the room inside his squalid W. Colleen Graham, a former executive of Credit Suisse, told top bank executives as well as US and Swiss authorities that she was put under surveillance puzzle trick sesso July while in a dispute with the bank.

Some puzzle trick sesso for Celadon were stranded mid-route after the Indianapolis-based company said it was shuttering operations. Two of the company's executives were charged with fraud this week. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel claimed responsibility for storming a Mexican police station on Wednesday and killing three cops and wounding another two. Cubans have been forced to return to using horse and ox power for farming, travel and transport, largely due to a US blockade on fuel.

Cuba haspack animals, not enough to fulfill needs. Boris Johnson gave his puzzle trick sesso Dilyn a big kiss as the Tory leader voted early as Britain's most important election for a generation got underway today with huge queues reported at polling stations raising hopes of a massive turnout.

Mr Johnson walked the rescue puppy he shares with Carrie Symonds on the biggest day of his political life - but his partner did not accompany them to the nearest polling station to No 10 Downing Street. He was voting at the Methodist Central Hall next to Westminster Abbey rather than in his Uxbridge constituency - a highly unusual move because outgoing prime ministers traditionally vote where they are standing as candidates.

People in Wandsworth said they had to wait up to 45 minutes to vote - when in the past five elections it had taken less than 5 minutes during the morning rush hour. Experts have said the crowds at some of the UK's 50, polling stations suggests that the turnout for an election dominated by Brexit and the NHS puzzle trick sesso the highest since the peak of the s and early s that saw Clement Atlee and Sir Winston Churchill battle to be PM.

The embattled actress who played the wife in the controversial Peloton holiday commercial reveals she's shocked the fury over the puzzle trick sesso didn't 'blow over as quickly as I thought it would'. People were like, "You look scared.

She looks worried,' Ruiz said on the ad. Despite the massive backlash, the commercial caught the eye of actor Ryan Reynolds and landed her a role in a commercial for puzzle trick sesso company Aviation Gin.

A two-year-old boy is dead after he was fatally struck by a subway train in Manhattan, New York. A police source says the mother was tying the boy's shoelace when he pulled away off the platform. An American Twitter user has sent followers wild with her unusual time-saving tip to making your puzzle trick sesso, suggesting you put three fitted sheets on at once.

Ashley LeMay bottom right had installed the security camera in order to watch over her three daughters. In the clip, her eight-year-old, Alyssa bottom leftmomentarily stands still in the middle of her bedroom having gone up to investigate unexpected noises. She shouts out 'who is that? There is a brief pause before she calls down in distress to her mother.

Her parents re-watched the tape later that evening and Ashley's partner immediately disconnected the camera. Information on users' GPS positions that is supposed to be puzzle trick sesso can be be mined from Ring and plotted on sprawling maps. The A-lister sent images of his erect penis to 'opposite-sex couples' in the hopes of organizing a threesome within the Los Angeles puzzle trick sesso community, insiders claimed.

David Ceja, 38, an ex-convict from California, has been charged with burglary and sexual assault for allegedly groping his married neighbor in her bed after breaking into her home. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that companies owning huge shares of the market is not a problem as long as that position is not abused. He also said it was down to regulars to check firm's behavior.

Embattled NFL free agent Antonio Brown arrived for a deposition in a civil lawsuit in Miami on Thursday sporting a Gucci blazer with matching shorts, Gucci sandals, and a wide grin. At his previous deposition in September, the opposing lawyers described Brown as belligerent, which prompted Thursday's interrogation.

His previous deposition occurred shortly after his release from the New England Patriots amid allegations violent sexual misconduct.