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Dieses Band des Jahrbuchs haben wir mit besonderem Elan zusammengestellt, denn es handelt sich um das Heute ist das Jahrbuch eine international geschtzte und hufig zitierte Fachzeitschrift. Es hat ihre Kontinuitt und Qualitt behalten, auch wenn zuletzt in den kriegerischen neunziger Jahren nicht sesso sullisola on-line Ausgaben regelmig erscheinen konnten. Zusammen mit den Mitgliedern unseres Zentrums und anderen Mitarbeiter sowie den zahlreichen Textautoren, haben sie zur Entwicklung des Jahrbuches und seiner respektablen Profilierung im Wesentlichen beigetragen.

Allen bisher Beteiligten sei auch an dieser Stelle sesso sullisola on-line gedankt. Aus diesem Anlass wird sesso sullisola on-line vorliegenden Band die vollstndige Bibliographie des Jahrbuches mit allen bisherigen Beitrgen verffentlicht. Mge dieses Jubilum ein zustzlicher Ansporn fr die Mitarbeiter und Autoren sein, dass sie mit ihren weiteren Anteilen zur Qualitt des Jahrbuches und seinem internationalen Renommee auch in der Zukunft sesso sullisola on-line beitragen.

Bujak Edin. Introduction The application of geological and physical geographical techniques in archaeology is widely established and can provide fruitful and exciting results in the form of geoarchaeology. This report describes the use of geoarchaeological techniques to investigate and interrogate landscape use and change in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina during the late glacial and early Holocene focusing on the Vrbas valley, the Ukrina valley and the surrounding landscape.

It examines evidence from archaeological site locations such as limestone caves and river gravel terraces in order to understand human impact on the landscape in the past. In addition it will assess the preservation potential and examine the formation processes at the sites visited in order to fully sesso sullisola on-line the archaeological artefacts in their context.

Primarily the research has two main aims: 1. To develop a geoarchaeological methodology for the rapid assessment of past landscapes in the Banja Luka and Doboj area of northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. To investigate human interaction with the landscape in the late glacial-early Holocene. Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a unique archaeological position at the beginning of the 21st century. Whilst much research has been undertaken in the Balkan peninsular, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been largely ignored.

Sesso sullisola on-line is not only ripe for fresh investigation, but it can contribute serious, original and unique evidence to questions about all periods in the past. Key to instigating research of a sesso sullisola on-line landscape is the development of an effective methodology for the.

By using geoarchaeological techniques in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is hoped that it will also raise the profile of the use of archaeological science in the country. The country comprises of a complex assemblage of geological units composed mostly of secondary and tertiary sedimentary rocks but also including igneous and metamorphic sesso sullisola on-line ranging in age from the Palaeozoic to the Cainozoic.

The existence of windblown loess sediments in the county is still debateable and this dissertation can hopefully contribute evidence of the presence and contribution of loess to subsoils and soils in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The geological framework of the county comprises three geo-tectonic zones namely the Outer, Central and Inner Dinarides.

The focus on northern Bosnia and Herzegovina in this paper means that it primarily deals with the Inner Dinarides, which consist of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic clastic rocks and carbonate, Jurassic ophiolitic rock and melange, Cretaceous and Palaeogene flysch and granite, Neogene andesite dacite, and lacustrine, lacustrine-lagoonal and marine molasse. Geoarchaeology is the ideal discipline within which to do this. For example, hand au1 Muli 2 Muli. When this type of landscape reconnaissance has been done, targeted sample excavation can then take place.

This allows a combination of geochemical, multi-elemental and micromorphological data will be used to identify, classify and describe buried soils. In addition to the theoretical and academic aims, the project also has at its core the promotion of international cooperation and the sharing of knowledge, resources and experiences with colleagues from our host country, as well as learning from them.

The research sesso sullisola on-line intended to very much be a two way process. This research forms part of a wider project which sesso sullisola on-line been running since The Forming of Europe: the dynamism of prehistoric population and the roots of sociocultural diversity. The overall aim of sesso sullisola on-line wider project is to better understand the nature and development of the transition to agriculture in the Neolithic.

Literature review The Neolithic transition should be one of the most important and exciting parts of prehistory for study. Rather than looking for evidence to support an entrenched position, some archaeologists are now beginning to enact the change they wish to see. Miracle and Robb have proposed reopening the debates surrounding the Neolithic transition in an attempt to reignite critical sesso sullisola on-line in this area. As archaeology navigates through the post-modern paradigm, with 3 Miracle 4 e.

Alongside this movement to re-theorize the Neolithic, there has also been a push to reinterpret more critically already published data. Sherratt reintroduced the concept of climate sesso sullisola on-line ecology into the debate and his work is being followed up by others who are attempting to reassess sesso sullisola on-line radiocarbon dating of Neolithic sites, to better explain the Neolithic Transition. Key in doing this is to build on the work of Sherratt8 in determining the environment and landscape of Europe in the past.

Whilst avoiding environmental determinism, it is still necessary and helpful to recreate past environments as the effect the world around us has on decision making is undeniable. This research follows in the footsteps of Sherratt, with its aims to look at the interaction between humans and their environment.

To date, published archaeological and palaeoenvironmental research work in Bosnia has been limited. That said, some important work has been produced with regard to the lithics of the area.

In terms of more recent work on the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina consistently seems to be missed out altogether. Methodology This research utilised both field and laboratory based techniques, which aim to be completely reproducible. In the field, hand-augered boreholes and hand-dug test pits were used to generate data on the stratigraphic sequences of both the archaeological sites and the wider landscape.

The data was gathered in the field during three fieldwork seasons in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina over five weeks inwith sites examined from the Vrbas valley and the Ukrina valley as well as the mountains in-between the two valleys, and also along river tributaries. Sites were chosen where previous work had suggested the possibility of in situ archaeology, and in order to investigate as many different zones of the landscape sesso sullisola on-line possible, including floodplains, river terraces and foothills.

In total, 10 open sites, one cave site and their immediate surroundings were investigated. Every site or area that was visited had at least three boreholes excavated, although most had many more than this, and where time and manpower permitted, and where it was deemed necessary; 1m2 test pits were also excavated. The boreholes were made by hand using a soil auger primarily with a Dutch auger head, and where the sediments were of a softer nature sesso sullisola on-line a gouge auger head.

All were done either by the author or under direct supervision of a trained assistant using where possible local archaeologists. All boreholes aimed to be augered until the natural underlying geology sesso sullisola on-line primary parent material sesso sullisola on-line reached. Sediment and soil samples were taken directly from the auger head, from the sections sesso sullisola on-line test pits, from exposed sections at the sites where available.

For physical, geochemical and multi-elemental testing approximately g of sediment was taken using a trowel and placed in a sealed plastic bag. For micromorphology, intact block samples were cut from sections using a knife and trowel, before being wrapped in plastic and sealed using masking tape to form a tight seal and support the sample to prevent damage sesso sullisola on-line its structure Samples were taken from sites for two main reasons. Firstly, samples were taken in order to classify the major sesso sullisola on-line present at the various sites and to examine sesso sullisola on-line preservation potential.

Secondly samples were taken at regular intervals at certain sites to aid with the discovery and description of any buried soils by comparative analysis. Results Due to the variety of sites, visited the results gathered varied greatly from site to site. Before looking at site specific results, geochemical data from across the country can be used to generate an average for all readings Table 1; App. This indicates that faunal and possibly molluscan remains should survive, but that the good preservation of uncharred organic remains may be affected by oxidation.

Additionally sesso sullisola on-line provides background results for EC and MS, from which elevations can be recognised. Results will be presented on a site by site basis Fig.

Following this will be the sites that sit in the foothills surrounding the Vrbas valley; Peine, Pejinovia brdo, Jelia brdo, ardar ardaani, Luka and Stari Martinac. Next a single site in the mountains to the east of Banja Luka was investigated, Tomasovo brdo. Finally a single cave site was investigated at Ratstua. Only one floodplain site was examined during this project primarily due sesso sullisola on-line the lack of identified sites within the basin of the Vrbas, most probably as a result of either being buried under later flood sediments or denuded or truncated as a consequence of erosion.

All sites used in this research were discovered as a result of farming and slope processes, with artefacts being brought sesso sullisola on-line the surface from ploughing and localised hillwash processes.

In the valley bottom however, where sediments are redeposited, ploughing is less likely to disturb the better buried archaeology. Koievo is located on the floodplain edge of the River Vrbas Figs. The site sits on a gentle east-facing slope at about 98 m above sea sesso sullisola on-line. It has a seasonal stream running c. An auger transect was made on a northeast to southwest alignment Fig.

Boreholes were spaced at 10 m and later 20 m intervals during the initial survey. In addition to this auger transect, an exposed well section was examined and sampled to the north of the transect. This initial work was followed in the March field season by further augering and the excavation of two 1 m2 test pits Fig.

The rectilinear archaeological feature observed in test pit 1 coincided with the highest concentrations of Neolithic pottery sesso sullisola on-line lithics. Test pit 2 was excavated to a depth of approximately 1. The pit showed a similar profile to that found in the well sesso sullisola on-line and archaeological sesso sullisola on-line, appearing to be sesso sullisola on-line Neolithic date, developed on a pale brown sandy Koievo sesso sullisola on-line the east looking westward across the area examined.

The hay pile in the centre of the photograph is the approximate location of the well profile. Test Pit 1 was excavated in the area highlighted as the potential feature during the augering survey. It was excavated to a depth of approximately 1. The sesso sullisola on-line included a fine example of a jadeite polished hand axe. Sesso sullisola on-line were taken for physi From the analysis, it is possible to say that the silty loam topsoil is slightly acidic pH 5.

The deepest sample at 1. The organic content of the soil, as measured via LoI, shows the predictable patterning of decreasing content with depth, with the topsoil having between 8. The nutrient content and magnetic susceptibility both show more interesting results. As you would expect both have high results in the topsoil, but both feature a peak in results around sesso sullisola on-line, consistently across the site, but the sediments within the feature have a more alkaline pH and also have a lower nutrient content than the topsoil.

Indeed there were some fragments of deer bone recovered D.