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TMZ has learned. Morgan's manager, Bill Shannontells us Chris was outside a Long Island deli Monday when the medical emergency happened.

Shannon says he's with Chris in the hospital now, and it appears he's lost feeling on the left side of his body. A video posted on his Twitter account showed Chris laid up in his hospital bed. There does seem to be at least one positive sign -- Bill tells us Chris was able to raise his right arm to respond when Bill entered his hospital room. Bill says Chris has diabetes, but it's unclear if that's related to the apparent stroke.

Morgan gained internet fame back in July when he was caught on video in an angry confrontation inside a NYC bakery. Since the incident, Morgan's had quite a ride We can confirm that multiple teams have agreed to attend and hope Colin Kaepernick will accept the opportunity.

We're told the NFL initially said they would give Kap's camp the list, but now they have reversed course. Unclear why. We have been told multiple teams have reached out to Kap's camp to inform them they would not be attending the workout. Apparently, the teams wanted to be open and honest about it in case stories came out saying otherwise. There have been several teams who have said they'll attend the workout, but it's unclear if Woman con hollywood sending high-level execs as requested or regular scouts.

New England is sending a scout not a head coach or GM, like Kap asked, but Woman con hollywood. Not a surprise because the workout will take place at the Woman con hollywood facility. Denver Broncos -- Vic Woman con hollywood says he's unsure if the team will be in attendance. Houston Texans -- Bill O'Brien declined to comment on whether or not the team will be in attendance.

Chicago Bears -- Matt Nagy says the team is not sure if they'll have a rep in attendance. Indianapolis Colts -- Frank Reich says the team hasn't made an official decision yet. Baltimore Ravens -- John Harbaugh says he does not know if the team will have a representative at the QB's workout. Dallas Cowboys -- Jason Garrett says he's "not really in tune" with Kaepernick's situation and is unaware if the team will send a rep to the workout.

New England Patriots -- Bill Belichick says he's "not sure" if the team's interested Remember, one of Colin's demands is that the workout must be attended by real shot-callers and decision-makers to ensure the workout is legit and not a PR stunt. Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores was asked if his team will be sending anyone As we previously reported, Kaepernick is set to Woman con hollywood out in Atlanta on Saturday Woman con hollywood the hopes of getting back into the Woman con hollywood after being out of the league for 3 years.

Waffle House is being sued for discrimination by a black woman whose arrest went viral The Woman con hollywood behind the lawsuit is Chikesia Clemonsand she says she went to the WH in Saraland, AL with 2 friends in April -- a visit that ended with her in handcuffs following a scuffle with police In the suit, Clemons claims within 2 minutes of walking in, the manager told a Waffle House employee to call and tell the dispatcher the group was intoxicated and refusing to leave.

Clemons claims the operator asked if the customers were male or female, but the employee responded, "They're black. According to the docs, Clemons claims a white waitress told her she would be charged 50 cents for plastic utensils, which sparked an argument because Clemons says white customers don't get hit with that charge.

Clemons Woman con hollywood the waitress then refused to serve the table. Another waitress -- also white -- tapped in, but things didn't go any smoother The viral video shows 2 cops showing up, one grabbing Clemons and throwing her to the ground.

One of the officers told her, "I'm about to break your arm," as they tried to put cuffs on her. In her lawsuit, Clemons claims the only Woman con hollywood the officers roughed her up was because Waffle House employees falsely reported her and her friends as being drunk. She wants Waffle House to serve up some money -- as in damages -- and to Woman con hollywood the alleged discriminatory treatment. No, this puppy did NOT come from the Chernobyl pound, but yes -- this Woman con hollywood a tale of 2 tails The founder of the joint, Rochelle Steffen, says prospective owners need not worry about Narwhal's extra appendage -- "He had x-rays and a vet visit Woman con hollywood and is a perfectly healthy puppy, with an extra tail on his face.

She adds the foretail doesn't require surgery, and doesn't seem to be giving him any harm at the moment. Rochelle says her staff found Narwhal -- a Dachshund and Beagle mix, they think -- recently at a dumpsite, and took him in to help find him a forever home. Either way, Narwhal is just as rambunctious as any other puppy -- hide your shoes -- and doesn't seem too bent about being named after a whale Woman con hollywood has a tusk growing out of its head. Marlon Wayans says Jennifer Hudson kisses like she comes from heaven -- but he wants to keep it our little Woman con hollywood.

And, what he especially wants to keep on the down-low The actor-comedian broke down what it was like to plant one on his costar on the set of their new movie "Respect" -- which is a biopic about the late, great Aretha Franklin. Last week, Marlon and Jen were seen sharing a smooch while filming, and as passionate as it looked Check out how he intricately describes locking lips with JH Our photog crossed the line -- at least according to Marlon -- when she asked who is a better singer Jennifer, or Beyonce???

He scolds us for trying to pit two black queens against each other. But, when we Woman con hollywood Taylor Swift 's name in there for kicks, he is eager to weigh in Woman con hollywood how they both stand up against TS. And Woman con hollywood that, we mean Woman con hollywood her under the bus. Sorry, Tay. Pete Buttigieg says while his odds to the win the White House might Woman con hollywood similar to Donald Trump 's a year out from election day He weighs in on both, telling us the new poll reflects what he's been feeling on the ground As for the Trump comparisonhe says the only thing he wants to share with 45 is Woman con hollywood final destination.

That said, he does admit there are similarities in how folks perceived their campaigns early Woman con hollywood -- namely, they were seen as odd men out despite later success. Then, we got into Woman con hollywood could become a problem Check out his answer He's confident he can. Soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic 's stint with the L. Galaxy has come to an end Thank you lagalaxy for making me feel alive again," Zlatan tweeted. You are welcome. Ibrahimovic finished with 52 goals, 17 assists and 1 crotch grab in his 2 seasons with the Galaxy.

Zlatan and the Galaxy mutually agreed to part ways earlier Wednesday We thank Zlatan for his professionalism and immeasurable impact on the Los Angeles community and the soccer community Woman con hollywood North America as a whole. Kathie tells us she misses the people, but not the work, and she's very happy doing what she's doing now We heard about her life in Nashville and more.

It's interesting Kathie just made her return to her old stomping grounds this week for the first time since leaving the show in April, and told Woman con hollywood pal, Woman con hollywood Kotb -- who now hosts the show with Jenna Bush Hager -- she's happier than ever.

As for why Gifford moved to Nashville, and she says the people and the culture there are just so much kinder, and the atmosphere is more joyful and fun. Kathie's also expressed a desire to produce Christian movies, which she's been doing with the Hallmark Channel, and has a Christmas flick called "A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love" coming up. California Governor Gavin Newsom says President Trump isn't going to bully the Golden State into doing what he wants -- even with threats that could put thousands of lives at Woman con hollywood.

The Gov. Newsom made it clear he's not about to bow because the reality is the Prez needs Cali more than it needs him. He says Trump likes to spew threats as "political theater," and also because he can't stand NOT getting his way in the most populous state. On a much lighter note, we also got Gov. Newsom -- who just might have the best gubernatorial hairline in America -- to talk about this year's CA Hall of Fame inductees Maya Angelou. The ceremony goes down in Sacramento on December 10, and Newsom's honored to be inducting such a diverse group of talented people.

Justin Bieber 's gearing up for a new tour, and he's already making sure his dance moves will be in top form.

We're told the tour will coincide with a new album, which as we told you Justin was seen Wednesday heading into 3rd Street Dance Woman con hollywood L. Maybe he just has a game afterward, though. We broke the story Justin promised fans he'll release it by Christmas if the October 27 Instagram post gets 20 million likes, but it's currently just at Regardless, we're told a new album is coming sometime soon -- which would be his first in 4 years -- and a new tour would be his first since he cut his Purpose Tour short in July President Trump 's impeachment hearing is turning into paperclipgate Jackie Speier is addressing witnesses while a paper clip is stuck in her hair!!!

Check out this wacky scene from Capitol Hill It's pretty bizarre, and Woman con hollywood folks are convinced it's a paper clip. Sure looks like one, and that begs the obvious question -- WHY is there a paper clip just chillin' in Woman con hollywood hair? Look, we know this has Woman con hollywood impact on the real issue of Trump's potential impeachment We just know it.

Kim Kardashian West and her sisters Woman con hollywood up with millions of dollars worth of jewelry for the launch Woman con hollywood their new fragrance line -- and they also loaded Woman con hollywood on extra muscle for protection. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney recently had a shoot for their Woman con hollywood new KKW Diamonds line -- just in time for the holidays -- and our sources tell us they had 3 armed security guards on hand at all times.

We're told the guards helped transport the diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to and from the set