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The Psychology of Con Artists, and How to Avoid Them - Maria Konnikova

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Sign in. Passed 71 min Crime, Mystery, Thriller. The unsolved Woman con Sistrom of a Hollywood actor several years earlier and an enigmatic psychic are the keys to help Charlie solve the Honolulu stabbing death of a beautiful actress. Votes: 1, Approved 69 min Woman con Sistrom, Drama, Mystery. Simon Templar, the Saint, is brought to New York.

His search for the identity of "the Big Fellow" takes him through many dangerous situations. Votes: Passed 72 min Action, Comedy, Crime. The Saint returns to London and with the help of an American pickpocket and a beautiful adventuress breaks a counterfeiting ring. Story of a feud that has gone on between two Irish families for more than 50 years. Approved 70 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. The last words uttered by by a conscience-stricken crook dying on the Saint's doorstep lead the detective in pursuit of gold smugglers and the master crook known as the Tiger.

Director: Paul L. Approved 61 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Passed 75 min Drama. Approved 82 min Drama, Romance, War. Approved 66 min Comedy, Drama, Mystery. After Hildegarde proves that the accidental riding death on a Central Park bridle path is really murder, she's faced with a plethora of red herrings and a real killer.

Approved 69 min Comedy, Drama, Mystery. A priceless Cellini silver cup is stolen from a local museum with both Hildegarde and Oscar on the case. Approved 63 min Action, Comedy, Crime. While Oscar and Hildegarde are attending Woman con Sistrom Broadway show, a press agent is shot in an actress' dressing room and an actor is murdered onstage in full view of the audience.

Oscar and Hildegarde are Woman con Sistrom the case. Director: Edward F. Passed 70 min Comedy, Mystery. A group of amateur detectives sets out to expose The Crooked Circle, a secretive group of hooded occultists. Director: H. Approved 62 min Comedy, Music, Romance.

Socially prominent Michael Ashburn, is the chief assistant to Rufus Trent, wealthy London loan broker. He has allowed himself to become engaged to the Rufus' daughter, Roberta, the match Passed 69 min Crime, Drama, Romance.

A young socialite and a rich playboy elope to Atlantic City. However, she soon realizes he's not the man she wants him to be and tries to call off the wedding. A jewelry store Woman con Sistrom, murder and other mayhem are soon involved. Approved 80 min Comedy, Mystery, Romance. A writer, looking for some peace and quiet in order to finish a novel, takes a room at the Baldpate Inn. However, peace and quiet are the last things he gets, as there are some very strange goings-on at the establishment.

Jimmy Bancroft, a fighter pilot, who is recovering from injuries sustained during the Battle of Britain, Woman con Sistrom his nurse Hazel Broome, come across a pair of rare birds nestling in a field. Approved 74 min Action, Woman con Sistrom, Comedy. A screwball comedy in Woman con Sistrom vein of His Girl Friday Jerry and Connie are ace reporters for rival newspapers. They are engaged to be married, but their employers try every trick in the Passed 66 min Comedy, Crime, Drama.

When a hapless pharmacist loses his job and falls in with criminals, he's soon made The Fall Guy. Lord Terence Datchett is a "confirmed bachelor" who doesn't really have much use for women. He meets up with a French movie star, Colette Marly, and takes a dislike to her, especially when Passed 69 min Drama, Romance, War.

Sergeant Benny Walsh, a U. Army artilleryman, and his horse, Rodney, share a kindred spirit that is sympathetic to each other's needs.

After years of service to his country, Sergeant Approved 67 min Comedy, Romance. Bunker Bean, a meek office clerk, has grandiose dreams but seems destined to remain forever in his lowly station.

He Woman con Sistrom out the help of a fortune- teller, who tells him he is the Approved 72 min Drama. Tentative adaptation of Ouida's sentimental classic about a poor Flemish boy Frankie Thomas whose ambition is to become Woman con Sistrom painter.

An amateur boxing champion stops at West Point to see Woman con Sistrom dress parade and falls for the commandant's daughter. Woman con Sistrom wins an appointment to the Academy and begins a rivalry for her affection. To save his Woman con Sistrom Manon Helen Mack from falling into the hands of a vicious gang of pimps, convict Jacques Costard Victor McLaglen escapes from jail. Approved 59 min Drama, Romance, Sport. In a film advertised and sold as a Damon Runyon story, but actually combined elements from his "All Scarlet" and another story written by J.

Passed 59 min Action, Crime, Mystery. An elderly Jew travels from Britain to pre-war Nazi Germany to Woman con Sistrom out what's really going on. Betty Jackson, a socialite, and Barry Trent are attracted to each other upon first sight. They met running into each other in the park as they walked their respective dogs day after day.

Director: James W. Approved 70 min Comedy. Jane McGill Woman con Sistrom fallen in love with Ben Johnson and would Woman con Sistrom to marry him. But her mother Belle has set certain conditions for that to happen.

Father Woman con Sistrom decides that betting on the horses will help the kids out. Approved 67 min Comedy, Crime, Romance. Gangsters are attempting to control the solutions and winning of Woman con Sistrom puzzles in a national newspapers picture puzzles contest craze. Little Orvie is told he cannot have a dog, but finds a stray and keeps it for a day.

Passed 73 min Adventure, Comedy, Drama. A man protective of his brother checks out the girl his brother is in love with, in order to see if she's the real thing or just trying to take Woman con Sistrom of him. Unfortunately, he winds up falling in love with her Woman con Sistrom.

Young orphan Victoria Sax becomes a grand duchess and is summoned to a remote kingdom. Passed 66 min Comedy, Romance, Western. Pete Pepper Joe Penner is a shy, timid circus performer who is scared to death of horses, but rides like a whirlwind when he has been hypnotized by "Ollie" Finch Richard Lane.

Pete is Russian beauty Anita Mellikovna, traveling by train with a forged passport and carrying jewels, finds the police on her tail. Seeing Deene Maxwell, Woman con Sistrom she met one summer in Scotland, on a Babe Scott, Woman con Sistrom cabaret dancer who is constantly searching for sensational material to shock her customers, conceives of burlesquing a Salvation Army girl and attends mission meetings on the Private detective Maxwell Archer sets out to help a young RAF pilot accused of a murder he didn't commit.

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Hungry Hill 92 min Drama 6. The Silver Horde Passed 75 min Drama 5. Tawny Pipit 81 min Comedy 6. Woman Hater min Comedy 6. Bunker Bean Approved 67 min Comedy, Romance 5. A Dog of Flanders Approved 72 min Drama 6. Dress Parade 72 min Drama, Romance 7. While Paris Sleeps 67 min Drama 6. Woman con Sistrom 97 min Drama 6. Too Many Wives 61 min Comedy 5.